Video Rewind 03.23.2012

Slow Club “The Dog”

Off their sophomore album Paradise, we get Slow Club‘s new video for “The Dog”. A bit of a vintage feel with the backgrounds. Some photography to give the art lovers something extra to look at. It carries a nostalgic feel to it, interspersed with some dark silhouettes of singers. It’s interesting to see moments frozen in time as the background to people singing, or performing in general. Or maybe it more resembles the people at movie theaters who won’t shut the hell up when the movie is actually playing. Either way, still a good song.
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Cookbook “The Party’s Still Jumpin”

Fan’s of LA Symphony should be well familiarized with Cookbook. Due out this summer is his new LP The Smell of Success. But we get a glimpse of his video for “The Party’s Still Jumpin” now. Ok, so the party doesn’t start out jumpin’, at least when we see Cookbook get there. Ok, so if this is LA, there must be a hotter party to go to. But that’s probably the appeal to this. Most of us won’t know what’s it like to party with Lil’ Wayne, but we’ve all been to a party like this. And, if we had any sense about us, we made the party jump this much.

CSLSX featuring Mountain Man “Aeromancer”

In something that reminds me of a Pink Floyd t-shirt, we get the new video for CSLSX‘s “Aeromancer”. The song features Mountain Man, and some space travel. If you have a phobia of eyes, then this probably isn’t the video for you. There’s a lot of energy to it, even if it is only as light. But the prism theme seems to continue, and I can’t help but thinking that whoever’s idea this video was, meant to pay tribute to Pink Floyd. Needless to say, it’s an interesting video that is open to plenty of interpretation.
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Good Dangers “DFYF”

You like the movie ET? How about the movie Stand By Me? I’m a bigger fan of the latter. But both films are quite good. If so, and probably even if not, you’ll enjoy the new video for Good Dangers “DFYF”. You got woods, bikes, floating lanterns. A group of people on a fun nighttime journey. What’s not to like? It’s as they say, love your friends. All in all, a nice song to end the week on.
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Our Lady Peace “Heavyweight”

Apparently based on a true story of a former heavyweight boxer who retires to the country where he turns to using Christianity and the art of boxing to set the lost youth on the right path, we get the song and video for Our Lady Peace‘s “Heavyweight”. Due out on their album Curve set to be released April 17th in the U.S., we can only read between the lines. From what I gather, the youth are into arson. And unfortunately for our heavyweight, his home goes up in smoke. An artistic reminder of how quickly our personal belongings can go up in flames. When you think you’ve finally won, and there’s nothing else to fight for, you can find yourself back at square one. But, as Eminem told us, “Fighters keep fighting.”
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