Video Rewind 03.30.2012

PropaneLv “Blackout”

In his own words, PropaneLv‘s “Blackout” is a summary of “the journey I’ve been on over the last year, or at least the one that’s been going on in my head. Trying to figure out my sound, make music that people will like, and progress as an artist is a lot to put on my plate, and I realized pretty quickly that catering to other peoples tastes is the last thing I need to be doing.” The song is quite a peeling back of layers to reveal who the man behind PropaneLv really is. It’s honest down to its points where it admits the faults. Take for instance the line where PropaneLv admits that he “falls in love with anything that wants to hurt” him. Also, the way he only wears his shades to hide the heartbreak. The video compliments the sentiments of this young man, and sentiments that many people must have these days. The city, seemingly broken down, clearly having not fulfilled its potential. And it doesn’t have to be this way.
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Simian Mobile Disco “Cerulean”

Their album Unpatterns doesn’t drop until May 14th. Still, Simian Mobile Disco give us the videor for “Cerulean”. It makes me think of what would happen if the old Atari video gaming system got an upgrade, and then you could run pandemonium across all the games. You get this lovely color changing dot that just bounces its way across the screen and effects the things around it. You get some neat visual effects here that border on illusion.
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Beth Jeans Houghton and The Hooves of Destiny “Atlas

From their album Your’s Truly, Cellophane Nose we get Beth Jeans Houghton and the Hooves of Destiny‘s “Atlas”. The video, in black and white, depicts some interesting high-speed footage. We get Beth, and the boys. And the first few minutes of the video feature a revolving door of the bandmates taking Beth into the bedroom to…well you know. And the video slows down whenever Beth croons “Red wine and whiskey are no good for me”. Still, there is a bit of magic there with a rabbit. Just wait, you’ll see.

Far East Movement featuring Justin Bieber and RedFoo “Live My Life (Party Rock Remix)”

Far East Movement give us this party rocking video for their Party Rock Remix of “Live My Life”. The song features RedFoo, as well as the video. But Justin Bieber apparently only appears as a sampling on the song. But you get the typical LMFAO party feeling to the video. You know, large groups of people dancing. I’m thoroughly convinced that anywhere RedFoo shows up a party just breaks out.

Kennedy “Karate”

Can’t help but laugh. Kennedy‘s video for “Karate” is quite absurd. First off, no offense to Mr. Kennedy himself, but he doesn’t appear to be a black belt at anything. But big ups to him for not hurting the beautiful women in the video. Unless he’s breaking their hearts. Anyways, there’s some interesting choreography here. And the video can’t be lying. Kennedy can woo the ladies with his ju jitsu and karate skills. It’s a bit ridiculous, but I can see them having fun making this video.
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