Video Rewind 04.04.2014

Skrillex featuring The Raga Twins “Ragga Bomb”

Skrillex has a new album out called Recess. The album features the song “Ragga Bomb” which has The Ragga Twins guesting on it. The video for the song could very well be the trailer for the next Star Wars film. It starts out with some men collecting things and putting them in large sacks on carts. They then maneuver these cars, almost like skateboards, deftly through the smoky streets of the city. Other men wearing black are up in the shambles of a building. They look down, and when both sides notice each other, the feeling isn’t good. Now there are some scenes of dancing I’m just not capable of, but the video focuses on the animosity between these apparent warring factions. It comes down to a “Beat It” type ending where both groups congregate in a building. Only, the leaders don’t tie hands together and knife fight, but rather pull out lightsaber type instruments and proceed to engage in one hell of a sword duel.

Bad Suns “Cardiac Arrest”

Bad Suns have recently been promoting their In Open Session performances. They recorded an acoustic version of their song “Cardiac Arrest”. For the video they did a one take shoot on a beach. You see the boys just jamming away on their instruments. I really like the song, and find that the video displays how talented they truly are. Let’s all agree, not everyone can sound good acoustically. Their debut EP Transpose is out now. The setting for this video is great because much like the fact that they have only just debuted, you find them in an isolated setting. No screaming fans. No arena to perform in. Just the group of them creating together. I see many tours in their future, especially since they’ll already by performing with Fritz and the Tantrums. Looking forward to more from this group.

Girl Talk and Freeway have teamed together for a new single with a feature verse from Waka Flocka Flame. The video features mostly Girl Talk and Freeway walking down the street. They encounter all sorts of rude people who just seem to bump into them and not apologize. This cause our musicians here to retaliate. Fists fly. People get injured. One rude gentleman is playing basketball and doesn’t take too kindly to Girl Talk and Freeway just trying to hand him back the ball. He gets the decapitation treatment, and then his head is used as a ball. There is a lot of gratuitous violence, but it is comical. There is no way a person could punch through another person, but sometimes tolerating other people’s inappropriate behavior does leave you feeling so angry you could just punch your fist through them. The duo’s EP Broken Ankles will be out April 8th.

Maximo Park “Midnight on the Hill”

Maximo Park’s new LP Too Much Information came out April 1st. Their latest video is for “Midnight on the Hill”. The video follows a jumbled chronological journey of a group of teens over one night. The tail originally appears to demonstrate two friends who get into a fight over a girl, but if you pay close attention you’ll see something quite different. The main boy in the story seems kind of shy and withdrawn, yet he steals a beer for his friend in the sunglasses. He also keeps glancing over at the his friend and his girlfriend. It’s not until you see a scene earlier in the day that you understand what is happening. As the boys are playing video games in a bedroom, the second boy stops to check his hair in the mirror. The first boy can be seen starting longingly at his reflection. Then the narrative takes a different view. You see the first boy trying to impress the second, and constantly looking at him wishing they could have the type of relationship the other boy has with the girl. So, when our little distraught hero decides to spit beer on the girl, it’s not one of those kindergarten type events where a boy likes a girl so he does something mean. It’s actually because he’s acting out in jealousy and frustration over the boy. He gets a black eye, and spends the rest of the night on his own. It’s unclear if the other boy really knows what is going on. It seems to be that the fight was over the disrespect shown towards the girl. This type of narrative must be happening all over the world. Two friends, one not brave enough to tell the other that he or she is gay, and even harder that he or she is interested in dating the friend. Fortunately, the video doesn’t end with a suicide. It only ends with a young man feeling frustrated and lonely. Perhaps he no longer has the same feelings for the other boy. Either way, I think he’s going to turn out just fine.

Amber Run “Spark”

Amber Run will be releasing their new single “Spark” on April 20th, but you can preview the song with their video for it now. The video features a boy who is locked in his room. There is a latch on the door but it is far too high for him to reach. Playing with cardboard boxes he eventually builds a robot. Somehow, for some reason, he also has a shotgun shell which he is able to use as a spark to bring the robot to life. This is how the two make their escape and run out into the city. No one bothers the duo. In fact the only hardship occurs when the robots arm is taken off by a passing car. No fear, as the boy mends the arm quickly. They make their way from the city to a house in the suburbs. Here, they break in and just hang out. I have a feeling this is where the boy used to live. He gets sad and angry, and begins to punch the wall doing no damage. When the robot begins to act up, the holes are big and the splinters go flying. A car pulls up outside, I’m guessing it is the parent or guardian now aware that the boy is missing and come looking for him. He runs to the door trying to bar their entrance but is too weak. When the robot shows up, it’s a different story. Realizing that the robot might hurt someone the boy reaches up and pulls the shell out resulting in the death of the robot. It’s a tough moment, stopping someone or something that you’ve created and loved. What the robot actually symbolizes is the boys anger. He comes to understand that he can’t live with it. That anger will only result in violence and pain. He makes a conscious decision to let it go.

Locksmith featuring Leah Tysse “The Hardest Song Ever”

Rapper Locksmith has to live with the fact that he was sexually abused when he was 5 or 6 years old. He admits to having blocked out the memory, but recently has begun to deal with it. His song “The Hardest Song Ever” deals with all his issues. He raps not only about what happened, but how it affected him. The toll it took on his ability to have relationships, how it made him feel about himself. But his message is important because he’s letting other know that you can overcome it. The video features Leah Tysse on vocals and other sexual abuse victims in the video. These other victims write messages on poster board and hold them up. One particular message a woman holds up reads, “Every child should be wanted, protected, nurtured, and loved, but in a good way”. I don’t disagree with this message but thing it should also be extended to adults as well. Whether you are dealing with trauma for childhood or just experiencing a difficult time in your life, you deserve to be loved in a good way. This comes down to seeing people as people first and foremost. Then, treat them accordingly. In the end, Locksmith probably has the right of things with his message “The hardest person to confront is yourself”. Victims will often blame themselves, or allow the hate of the abusers to consume them. As another woman shares “Forgiveness leads to empowerment. Empowerment leads to hope.” And the truth is, that forgiving is always more for yourself than the person who did you wrong.

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