Video Rewind 04.12.2013

Smokey Robotic “Gandhi”

Smokey Robotic have released a new album titled Musium. The album features the song “Gandhi”, and we have the video for it. The song itself is a trippy dance tune. The video follows with some psychedelic visuals centered around lips. It does have an eerie feel to it since your just watching lips for most of the video. The song itself has a great beat and you may find yourself moving around rather than watching the screen anyways.
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Akron/Family “Until the Morning”

Akron/Family have a new album that will be out soon called Sub Verses. The album will feature the “Until the Morning”, which Akron/Family released a video for this week. The video does a great job of relating to the song. “Until The Morning” is a song of romantic love felt for someone, and a plea to be with them at the very least until the morning. Right from the beginning of the song we hear Miles
Seaton singing to us that we can leave our coat anywhere, not to bother looking for a chair. And there he sits in his home on a chair, with a small table and a lamp. There is nothing else inside his dwelling, which is itself a dilapidated house set in a dilapidated neighborhood. This is the very way that longing to
be with someone feels like. You are all by yourself. The anxious moves he makes throughout the video, with his hands rubbing nervously against each other, demonstrate the anxiety of telling the other person how you feel and fearing that they will not only reject you, but do so in the worst possible way. This in
itself can present you in the wrong way. When Miles first gets up out of the chair he falls flat on his face onto the floor. Not the first impression you want to make. There is a line about feeling uncomfortable looking in his eyes, so he offers to shut the lights off. Awkward, though thoughtful in its meaning. Akron/Family have a great song here with a video that is soft with its undertones. There is more going on here than the eye can see, but for that you have to listen to the words.

James Blake “Overgrown”

James Blake has a new album out now called Overgrown. The album contains a track by the same name which has a video Blake released this week. First thing you notice is the quality of the visuals. Wow. That’s all I can say. We start in the woodsy hills at night, and you can see everything crystal clear. The trees, the night’s sky with its many stars. You can see the cabin where Blake is lying in bed. Most of the outdoor scenes were shot at night, so it is amazing how bright everything appears. I know I have a few cameras that could not capture this kind of clarity at night if a full moon were 7 feet off the ground. Towards the end we get a scene of a cliff with the ocean and a sunrise blurred by a cloudy sky. Again, it looks incredible. The lack of people as seen by the lack of houses, or buildings gives the scene an innocent feel. It’s a remarkably beautiful landscape that is for the most part untouched by man allowing it to remain as it has been for seemingly ever. I’m not sure what the shrouded figures represent but at this point I’m still focused on the quality of the cinematography.
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Ghostpoet “Meltdown”

Ghostpoet is preparing to release the album Some Say I So I Say Light on May 6th. The album features the song “Meltdown” and we share the video with you. It centers around a split-screen of a woman on the left and a man on the right. The song deals with a relationship that is falling apart. The woman on the left is on a city bus while the man on the right is waiting for a city bus. Both meet up with their significant other, but neither seems particularly happy about their relationships. When the bus comes, the man and his girlfriend on the right side of the screen get on and wind up sitting across the aisle from
the woman on the left and her boyfriend. They exchange glances, particularly when the woman and her boyfriend get off the bus. You’re left wondering if they know each other or if this is just a lust at first sight thing. I had to watch the video a second time to catch this. When it begins the man has a lit match
in his hands. At the same time, the woman on the left starts rub her left hand as though she has some sensation there. She then pulls out her phone and sends or checks for a text message. The man on the right then does the same, presumably checking for a text message. At the end, as the woman is off the
bus the man peeks to his right and out the window hoping for a glance. The woman, looks back at the bus leaving me to believe this is not a chance encounter at all.
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Hi Fashion “Eighteen”

Hi Fashion have a new album dropping in July called You Are Gorgeous. One of the songs from the album is “Eighteen”, it’s a “sexually charged dance anthem”. The video should just be called “Meat” and you’ll figure out why very quickly. It is indeed a sexually charged song and the video does it justice. There is plenty of things you may not want to be caught watching at work, but nothing is blatant. There is some play with raw meat. There is a lot of skin. The end features some trouser dropping, and it will be a bit shocking, though not the way you think. The song is a banger and a great way to start your weekend. So enjoy all the innuendoes and outright making out that do occur. OH, and Cyndi Lauper, this video is definite proof that it is not only girls that want to have fun.
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