Video Rewind 04.19.2013

Youth Lagoon “Mute”

Youth Lagoon released his second album on March 5th called Wondrous Bughouse. The album features the song “Mute”. The video is a bit awkward. We open with a young skateboarder just lying on the ground. It appears as though he may be coming into consciousness. He gets on his skateboard and goes off down the streets. As dusk approaches he reaches a house. Peering into the windows he sees the lights on but nobody home. He hops the fence and walks into an open door in the back and down into the basement. He walks a corridor lined with red curtains into a room with some chairs and an old television set. On the screen we see a static signal and the face of a Marilyn Monroe type woman. He touches the screen and it glows. He leaves this room, heads back upstairs, and finds the woman sitting on a stool completely motionless. As he touches her, she turns into what I see as water. He tastes the liquid of the floor before leaving and skating on down the road. As the video closes we see phantom horses galloping after him. All I know is that sometimes it’s not until you get your hands on a person that you realize they are not what they seem to be. Your perception of them changes, and so who they are is lost. It’s best to just leave puddles where they lie.
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Surfer Blood “Demon Dance”

Surfer Blood are preparing to release their new album Pythons on June 11th. “Demon Dance” is the second single from the album. Its video focuses on a rather simple young man who is “working” as a security guard. Let’s be honest, the only thing he is working on his is daydreams. When a female employee returns to look for her wallet which she believes she left, our guard happens to pull it out from his desk. Lucky for him, that’s her wallet. She kisses him on the cheek and as she’s walking out the door says, “You’re the best”. This is enough to get his imagination running on the two of them being together. He even pictures them at his prom. He even uses a mannequin in lieu of the woman. It may be quite possible that even finding the woman’s wallet, or her losing it in the first place are all a part of the fantasy.
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Haiku Salut “Glockelbar”

As Haiku Salut prepare to release their debut album, we get a video for their song “Glockelbar.” The video is animated and immediately caught my interest with a giraffe running while wearing a scarf. The giraffe comes to a house and peers in through the window at a boy sleeping. What worries me is that the next scene cuts to the boy on the giraffe’s back, still sleeping, being held there by the scarf which is now wrapped around both their necks. This is worrisome. The boy turns into a shooting star that shoots up into space. He comes falling back down only for the giraffe to send him back up, this time to the moon. He comes all the way back down before being caught by the giraffe and becoming a boy again. It appears as though this boy’s spiritual protector is this giraffe who makes sure that the boy is not only safe, but has sweet dreams as well.
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Master Shortie featuring Cataracs and Leaf “Thank You”

Master Shortie has a new mixtape Study Abroad out now. The first single is “Thank You” which features Leaf and the Cataracs. The video shows Master Shortie partying it up. The best part is that while he shows us just how fresh to deaf he is, it also shows how polite he is. He says thank you to many a thing. He gets money from his homey, thank you. He passes a drug test, thank you. He even says thank you to all the hot women who sleep with him. Master Shortie is definitely a master at two things. The first being a Shortie, the second a right gentleman.
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Psy “Gentleman”

Psy made huge waves with his song and video for “Gangnam Style”. His follow up is a song and video for “Gentleman”. What we get are more of the swag the South Korean brought. More of his dancing, though the hand gestures are toned down. That guy in the yellow suit is back. The video continues to show what must be the behavior of men, in this case, who try to hang around the Gangnam district of South Korea. In this video Psy definitely dresses like a classy dude. His behavior is that of an asshole. It’s ok though, he meets more than his share in the form of a woman who can do to him what he does to others. It’s like a match made in heaven. I think that’s the beauty of Psy. He has no problem being the butt of the joke as much as be the jokester. Is it as catchy as “Gangnam Style”? I think not, but it definitely has a decent beat and the video is a little funny with it’s hi-jinks.
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