Video Rewind 04.20.2012

Bruce Springsteen “Death to My Hometown”

The only info I got on this is that it is the new video for Bruce Springsteen‘s “Death to My Hometown”. Now, we all know the Boss straight represents New Jersey, but this track has a Boston feel to. You could tell me I’m wrong but just have a listen. It’s good to know that at 62 he’s still rocking hard as ever and he looks good for his age. Is that a Max Weinberg sighting? I believe it just may be. Chock one up for team Conan, if you catch my drift.
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Mz Bratt featuring Khalaeliah “Falling Down”

We get a dual reality of a girl who is dating the wrong guy. Upon telling him that she’s pregnant he gets angry and abusive. Then the split. On the left side we see what happens when she leaves him. On the right we see her stay with him. Neither version seems to go too well for her as the pregnancy progresses. And the video leaves an open ending where you decide for yourself what happens, though I’m inclined to think something terrible. Nonetheless, I think Mz Bratt is speaking about someone every one of us knows. Someone who’s had it rough, and they still can’t set themselves right when there’s someone who can help them. Old habits are hard to break, that’s why we’re supposed to replace them with better habits. Mz Bratt releases her single for “Falling Down” on May 6th which includes 3 remixes of the track.
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L.E.P. Bogus Boys “Now Or Neva”

We all know, I hope, what it means to be stunting. If not, google it. But I recently learned what it means to be skinting. This video features some gentlemen that are now skinting because they were stunting. Set around a support group for compulsive spenders we learn the stories of a man who won the lotto, then another man who played ball overseas. Both individuals spent all their cash because a true playa has to be stunting. Then the L.E.P. Bogus Boys take over and we get to see exactly how they spent their money. It must be nice to purchase a BMW, some big ole gold chains, and an expensive fur coat all in the same day. Or maybe not if it means spending all your money. It’s fascinating for me because this isn’t the message you usually see in rap videos. “Now or Neva” appears on their mixtape of the same name. It’s available for free, or perhaps not anymore. They are planning a re-release of the mixtape that will feature/does feature songs by Rick Ross, Bun B, Mobb Deep, 2 Chainz and others.
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Trentemoller featuring Marie Fisker “My Dreams”

Ever wonder what a Trentemoller show looks like? Well, here you go. We get some footage of the artists behind the scenes as they tour the United States from last year. But we also get a look at their performance for their cover of The Gun Club‘s “My Dreams”. Key is the message of the song, done in a distinctly unique way particularly with the vocals of Marie Fisker. You can’t take my dreams. Just remember that, troopers. It’s all about your dreams. “My Dreams” will be available for digital download on April 23rd.
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DOSVEC “Dirt Licker”

A video mashup for the musical mashup. It’s a bit of an Absolute commercial. But I do have to say, those folks watching the greyhound race are pretty fly. Probably flyer than LMFAO! In fact, I could use some new friends. And the type of people who hang out in a desert racing robot greyhounds are my type of people. Still, the video has its moments of visual appeal. And DOSVEC know how to mix a great track. So, even if you don’t like the video, you’ve gotta enjoy the track. It’s big on the interwebs, and now we at Surviving the Golden Age bring it to you.
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