Video Rewind 04.24.2015

To Kill A King “Compare Scars”

To Kill A King’s video for “Compare Scars” deals with the imaginative forces that convince us to do bad things. Well, maybe not bad things, but things we’re told not to do. The boy in the video lives a very controlled life. The food in the kitchen has labels telling him what to eat and when, as well as not to touch the things he shouldn’t be eating. His relief comes in the form of an old man who just encourages him to break the rules. Mix all the food you want to eat together, post it notes saying “do not touch” be damned. Dress however you like. Take your skateboard out, make a ramp from some plywood you find, and pray you don’t hurt yourself. This imaginary old man is not the person you want baby sitting your kids, especially because he disappears the moment you return leaving one child who looks like he’s been breaking all the rules.

Miami Horror featuring Cleopold “Love Like Mine”

Miami Horror and Cleopold have come together to make a song that does sound like it’s straight out of the 80’s, “Love Like Mine”. And the video plays out a bit like a true Miami horror. It starts off in a parking lot where there are several cars. From the look of the cars it seems like we’ve gone back to the 1980’s as well. There is one stationary camera pointed out of the passenger’s side window, but situated in the drivers seat. We witness a man get out of his car, grab his sleeping mask from the trunk of his car, and sit back down to have a nap. That is when the abduction happens. There is a police response to the situation, but two officers don’t add to much police work. They arrive and cautiously look about the vehicle. Finding nothing, the open driver’s side door is shut, and they drive off. A kidnapping in broad daylight, and no one is the wiser.

Marrow “Paulson

Marrow’s video for “Paulson” tells the story of Billy Jarvis who just had a near death experience when he became stuck in an inner tube at the Lazy River at Wacky Waters. Billy’s ex-wife Tina writes him a letter and sends him a workout video that she had to record over their wedding video because she couldn’t find a blank VHS cassette. Billy starts to mimic all the things the exercisers in the video do, but it becomes awkward when children from the woods arrive. They spot the instructor’s whistle, and devise a plan to get it for themselves. This means they start hunting and killing the adults one by one. Billy is none the wiser at first and follows along. As one man runs, so does Billy. When he is pulled down backwards, Billy falls back onto his couch. As the man struggles to get free, Billy struggles with invisible attackers. In the end Billy figures out what is going on and sits back to enjoy the show. Good for Billy. Tina seems like a bitch anyways.

Fall Out Boy “Uma Thurman”

Fall Out Boy had a contest where the winner would be featured in their video for “Uma Thurman”.The winner of this contest was a young woman named Sarah who essentially became an assistant for Fall Out Boy for one day. The sucky part was that one by one the members would call her to do something for them, each taking several turns to use her assistance, but undoubtedly leaving her running around frantically. It does look like she had a lot of fun. Driving dune buggies and sports car would be fun on their own. Doing it with well known musicians, much more fun. Take a look at some of the great things she experienced, including meeting some other famous musicians backstage. Neither this song or video have anything to do with Uma Thurman, but I can’t resist a good use of The Munsters theme song.

Sia “Fire Meet Gasoline”

Sia is back again with a new music video. And though she’s lost the use of a talented young dancer, she’s enlisted the help of Heidi Klum and Pedro Pascal. Klum is famous for her modeling, but Pedro is probably most famously known for his role as Oberyn Martell on HBO’s Game of Thrones. For this video, the two play a couple who seem quite fond of each other. However, Klum’s use of gasoline and match to set her house on fire after collecting her valuables, along with Pablo’s handing over of a bloody rock wrapped in a cloth seem to indicate something foul. What I picture is that Pablo was the other man. Rather than deal with a messy divorce, the two hatch a plan where Pablo kills Heidi’s husband or lover. Heidi then sets fire to the house and the two escape. It is true that when certain people meet it is trouble. They effect each other in such ways that they are willing to do things they otherwise wouldn’t. These relationships are explosive, starting up quickly, but can flame out just as fast. Unfortunately, the damage will have already been done, just like what happens when as the title of Sia’s song comes to fruition and “Fire Meet(s) Gasoline”.

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