Video Rewind 05.11.2012

Maximo Park “Hips and Lips”

This is the beauty of the internet. Although I’m going to guess this video was a deliberate concoction of whoever represents Maximo Park, this video shows what can actually happen. Fans used to make all kinds of things: collages, jackets bedazzled with the band’s name, or song, or faces. Nowadays, we anyone can make a fan vid for their favorite band. Always making the claim that they are in fact the number one fan of said band. The room is full of Maximo Park posters, along with other artifacts that I would not want to admit I have in my room if I did. Real or fake, this is Tom’s fifteen minutes, so let’s all give it up for Tom. “Hips and Lips” will appear on Maximo Park’s The National Health LP due out June 11th.
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The Magnetic Fields “Quick”

Last we heard from The Magnetic Fields was their impressive video for “Andrew in Drag”. They’re back with a new vid for “Quick”. We open with alleyways and a woman doing her best Oscar the Grouch impression. We’ve got ourselves a clever little love story here folks, and who doesn’t like one of those? It’s a bit ironic that the song is about being quick or losing. Our heroin seems to just wait days for the plumbing to burst. It is visually appealing, and quite an interesting idea. “Quick” is the second single from their album Love at the Bottom of the Sea.
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Mates of State “Unless I’m Led”

This is the kind of day I dream of having. There’s sand, water, fire, and balloons. It’s an adventure on a secluded beach between a couple. They’re just having fun, like sunshine in a bucket. Any industry can take its toll and be hard and boring. So to see Mates of States‘ Kori Gardner and Jason Hammel get a chance to have fun with this video is nice. I’m sure they had fun. Big props for getting it done in one shot. This is no OK Go visual symphony, but its freedom and mobility are a breath of fresh air when sometimes videos try to go too hard for something and fail. “Unless I’m Led” appears on last September’s release Mountaintops.
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The Rocket Summer “Run and Don’t Stop”

Fans of The Rocket Summer will be pleased to see what it’s like out on tour with the band. Their video for “Run and Don’t Stop” shows them commuting, warming up, at a show prior to the start, and of course, performing live on stage. Perhaps you were at one of these shows, and this will be like a stroll down memory lane. Perhaps not. We get to see that the band does translate into live performances. They seem to get the crowd fired up and going–just look at the lighters and cell phones that come out in the dark. “Run and Don’t Stop” appears on Life Will Write the Words due out June 5th.

The Hives “Go Right Ahead”

This one is interesting. I’ve yet to hear a The Hives single that isn’t fueled with energy. And what do we find? The group is dressed to the nines, top hats and all. They walk into a recording room, no audience in sight. They start clapping, and them BOOM, the energy starts. There’s not one person in the room to appreciate other than the cameraman. This is how the magic happens. “Go Right Ahead” appears on Lex Hives due out June 5th. So, watch the video, enjoy the song, and go right ahead enjoying your weekend. Rewind over.
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