Video Rewind 05.17.2013

Lana Del Rey “Young & Beautiful”

There’s an awful lot being said of Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby. An equal amount is being said of the soundtrack with Jay-Z’s hand all over it. Lana Del Rey features on that soundtrack with her song “Young & Beautiful”. Her video for it features her dressed to the nines. She’s got large diamond hoop earrings. There’s a rock on her hand big enough for a Rockefeller. She even has diamond teardrops glued to her cheek. It’s not as glamorous as it may seem because Lana brings her morose feel to the song, it’s one of those things we’re used to. The set is large and empty, save for when they cut to the band playing in tuxedos. There’s this interesting effect where the band is playing virtually in the dark while the little light there is casts their shadows on the tapestry behind them. Oh, and we get to see a glance of something I’m not used to. There is a bit of a smile from Lana while she sings this one. Just remember it if you spot it. No one knows when we may see it again.
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Dizzee Rascal featuring Robbie Williams “Goin’ Crazy”

Dizzee Rascal’s latest single is “Goin’ Crazy” which features Robbie Williams. The video opens up with Robbie carrying two blue plastic bags. He hands them off to a gentleman then proceeds to get on his tricked out scooter. Only he isn’t alone because there is a gang of tricked out scooters and riders to follow him. As they pass a very literally studded car, out steps Dizzee Rascal. He then seats himself on his own tricked out scooter and they begin running the streets. This would be quite the spectacle to watch on the streets of London. It would really be an amazing sight.
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Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. “Dark Water”

Off their recently released album Patterns, we get the video for the new Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. single “Dark Water”. The video features a photographer developing his film. Not only is he diligently at work, but he must be creating some sort of bizarre world in his mind. His subject is a young dancer who begins by walking through a snowy outdoor scene where she stumbles across a pond. Her flashlight falls into the water and she jumps in after where she appears to begin drowning. At this point things get a little murky. There is a Claymation version of the band in a submarine but they don’t seem to have anything to do with the girl. Then, there is a stage performance featuring the dancer and others in what is made to look like some sort of water setting. In the end, she apparently drowns and all we get is our photographer friend scuba diving close enough to her to grab a final photo. But this all could be some weird dream as we end the video with a shot of a ballet dancer musical box.

CSS “Hangover”

CSS are set to release their new album Planta on June 11th. Their new single is “Hangover”. The video features CSS on tv performing the song. Three gentlemen who work in the office are watching the video. They start dancing, which brings in more and more employees of the office to see what’s going on. As they enter, the each start dancing as well. Pretty soon an office party has broken out. Towards the end of the video the workers approach the tv to get a closer look. Enter CSS to observe those observing them.
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Cyberpunkers “Whatta Mask”

Cyberpunkers have a new EP called Whatta Mask out now. The album’s title track got a video this week. The video features the Cyberpunkers in a muscle car trying to outrun the military. They get in a horrible accident, only it’s not so horrible. The militia takes them and begins to dissect them to learn more about them. And then, for no good reason they place new masks on the Cyberpunkers. These new masks bring the duo back to life and make them stronger and more dangerous than before. Needless to say, the Cyberpunkers make their escape in a bloodied mess.
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