Video Rewind 06.01.2012

M83 “Reunion”

This is what happens when the government gets too involved: they start to hoard children in a top secret facility, they perform experiments on children to harvest them for energy. It all starts with Obamacare, and winds up as this video. Not really. What we actually have is a pretty interesting sci-fi video for M83‘s “Reunion”. Perhaps what is most appealing is the way that the children, who seem so innocent, turn out to be pretty bad ass. Watch as the kid uses some kind of telekinesis to just catch the van in midair and toss it back. Children are the real clean energy. “Reunion” is off of Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming.
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Opium Black “Hammer Dance”

In case you weren’t sure who’s video this is, Opium Black let’s you know right off the bat. Often when viewing these types of videos, I wonder how different I would have turned out had I grown up on the same street as Opium Black. One thing I’m sure of, I still wouldn’t have a shirt that says, “Thank God I’m Fresh”. The youth in this video aren’t drinking but at least they get to hang out at night with Opium Black and dance. Here’s to Opium Black and not thinking himself too big to not hang out with the people.
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Hot Soles “Ready To Burn”

What do you do for a video with just a vocalist/lead guitarist and a drummer? You do some fancy video editing. Hot Soles video for “Ready to Burn” has 70’s film feel to it, which I like. The grainy speckles that make the piece look like it was shot back then. I like the imposing Stay Puff Marshmellow Man on the legs of the guitarist. I like how they use the top of one man’s head and the bottom of the others. I really like the gold guitar. If that’s not Americana, then I’m a communist. I like the painting of some European historical figure, I’m not in the mood to do the research to find out who it is. I can picture myself getting a little crazy at grandma’s house with paintings of people I don’t know as a backdrop, and if I’m feeling rambunctious props for my play. That was a long time ago, though. What I do love about any duo rock band is the energy that they can infuse and Hot Soles does that here. This more a call to my life rather than Opium Black. I was a shut in, or at least I became one. My parents didn’t think I should be socializing too much.
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Max Burgundy “A Son’s Response”

We get Max Burgungy on the basketball courts. Unfortunately for me, the basketball courts where I live resemble these too much. If I could, I’d spend all my time there. Because when times get tough, the silence of a basketball court, or even a soccer field, can be as calming as church. I think Max Burgundy shares that sentiment. Max spits well. Can’t overlook his ability, or the piano based music behind him. This is hip hop. This is poetry. This is where the line gets blurred. Interesting is the tag “Kill Swag. Not Kids”. Undoubtedly, Burgundy has owned at least one pair of Jordans in his lifetime. He is wearing Nikes in the video, so it’s a bit bizarre to see him send a shout out to any child killed over a pair of Jordans, or has died making them. “A Son’s Response” will be featured on his mixtape The Murder Of Mark Furhman due out June, 13th.

Hey Sholay “Burning”

The house is burning down but Nobody lives in it. It’s just a model house. That is pretty much that’s all we get from Hey Sholay: an arson video. Boy does this house go up in flames. The song is about finding a brand new start and what better way to do that than to have your home burned down and having to get a new one? Ok, there’s tons of better ways to get a new start. But I think the point is when bad things happen to you, don’t just take it as the world is over. It’s gonna be hard. It’s gonna suck. Things will get worse before they get better. But with a brand new start, you’ve got plenty of gumption to have a good ending. It’s just a bit far off in time. So, entering the weekend, be positive. It gets worse before it gets better. Hey Sholay’s single “Burning” is due for release June 11th.
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