Video Rewind 06.06.2014

Gramatik featuring Eskobars “Brave Men”

Off his latest album The Age of Reason, Gramatik presents the track “Brave Men” featuring Eskobars. The video for the song opens with a woman walking home from her job cleaning houses. She enters, takes off her shoes and looks at her large, ruffian looking husband who is cleaning his shotgun. He barks some order at her, to which she brings him a bowl of food, or something, and he grabs her. This is about the time you notice the bruise on her left cheek. Just as this is happening it appears that the neighbors have called the police who show up, and arrest he husband. He gets angry, yells at, and tries to lunge at his wife. This makes him look guilty as hell, but looks can be deceiving. Once the husband is out of the picture, our cheeky wife gets changed and drives off some distance to a women’s fight club. I write women’s not because they fight like girls, but because there is not a man present. She fights a much larger woman and takes quite a knock. Much like the late Tommy Morrison who portrayed Tom “The Machine” Gunn in Rocky V, and in that role admitted that whenever he fought he imagined he was fighting his dad, this lady isn’t fighting other ladies. She sees her husband, and this drives her to get up, wrap her opponent in a choke hold, and not let go until that bitch is out. OF course, there’s no intent of malice here, and it takes a lot out of her. So, when she returns home bloodied and bruised more, the neighbors notice and seem confused and shocked. She’s got quite the smile, since she’s just bested an opponent.

Joywave featuring KOPPS “Tongues”

Off of their new EP How Do You Feel?, Joywave have teamed up once again with KOPPS for the song “Tongues”. The video features people running in the woods, quickly removing their clothes so that they could frolic in the nude. There are republicans with guns who don’t like this. Ok, I don’t know that they are republicans, I’m just taking a shot at these hunters. They take aim and fire, only rather than having a bullet rip through a forest nudist, this one man goes down in a pile of clothes and becomes fully dressed. Panic ensues as the hunters try to shoot clothes onto the naked people. It’s funny how the nudists fall in terror, holding a shirt that covers your belly as though your intestines were falling out. The exaggeration is comical. Still, there are more nudists than hunters, and they go on the attack removing clothes. Clothes grenades go off, more guns are fired, traps are sprung all intending to put clothes on naked people. Then, one hunter falls for a nude woman, and as she is about to be shot, steps in front of her and drops trow. This leads to several other hunters firing upon him. He goes down in a pile of clothes, and then has vengeance. The laundry pile turns into something like the blob and begins whipping out tentacle-like appendages striking at any and every one in the area.

Wheatus featuring Josh Devine and Sandy Beales “Only You”

The latest release by Wheatus features Josh Devine and Sandy Beales is “Only You”. The video features Legos enacting the story. Wheatus is performing, and the line to get in is moving smoothly. In line we have a punk rocker with a purple mohawk, and just behind him a down to earth lady who is wearing a t-shirt that reads “Boybands Ruined My Life”. The punk rocker sneers at her and makes his way inside. She follows, heads over to the merchandise booth and buys an album. She then makes her way to the stage, and stage dives into the crowd. This upsets the punk rocker who’s been drinking. He climbs up on stage and disrupts the show. Security toss him out, but he makes his way back in and starts beating on Wheatus. This is when the girl jumps up in the air, spins, and flies over the crowd onto the stage. She starts taking it to the punk rocker who eventually explodes into stardust from a punch, except for his arms. These wind up with the drummer who prefers them to his drumsticks.

Band of Skulls “Hoochie Coochie”

It is widely assumed that women take up stripping because they’re whores. Some do it just for the money because they are trying to better their lives, such as paying for tuition. The video for “Hoochie Coochie” by Band of Skulls off their album Himalayan runs in reverse. We follow a woman who has just come home in the evening. She walks out backwards to her fancy car and drives in reverse to the strip club. We get to see her get out of her clothes and apply make up, all in reverse because she is actually getting dressed and removing her makeup. We then see her performance with money floating up off the stage and back into the hands of the patrons. At no time does she smile. She doesn’t enjoy stripping, or life it would seem at the moment. What is she doing with all her money. We follow her to her stop before working. It’s a church. It seems our strippers likes to pray at the altar, and then drop a load of cash into the donation box. Stripping for miracles. It might just work.

How To Dress Well “Face Again”

When last we saw a video from How To Dress Well it was on the May 9th Video Rewind. “Repeat Pleasure” was the first in a trilogy of videos for How To Dress Well’s What is This Heart?. It followed a young man who struggled with the loss of his grandfather whom he took care of. The second part of the trilogy comes in the video for “Face Again”. The same young man is with his girlfriend and the body of grandpa in the white van again. This time they drive off to a remote home. Out steps Tom Krell, How To Dress Well, himself. It seems that Tom’s role is as some kind of spiritual guru who may or may not be able to perform miracles. We don’t find that out in this video. All we know is that the young man has grandpa’s body, two canisters filled with gasoline, and has just set a large fire in the yard of Krell. It’s unknown if this well be some attempt to resurrect grandpa, or if it will be his funeral pyre. All we know is that Krell will have something to do with it.

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