Video Rewind 06.08.2012

Town Hall “Always On Time”

Town Hall are back. This time with their live performance video for Ja Rule & Ashanti‘s “Always On Time”. They slow the tempo down, so it doesn’t have that bopping beat; it almost feels like a blues track. You don’t get the same feel with these two singing as you do with Ja Rule and Ashanti performing. Still it’s a nice smooth, slow kickoff to the rewind. If you enjoy their take on “Always On Time”, be sure to check out their up and coming EP.
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Zak Downtown “One For The Books”

Hey, Zak Downtown! What’s the point of going to bed with all them girls if you keep your pants on? Is this a sleep over, or are you gonna go downtown? My only guess is that this is what life is like for Zak or at least, it’s how we’re supposed to think Zak lives. He steals a bike. That’s funny. He also steals wine. And now we know why he keeps his pants on. You gotta be ready to book when you’re a petty thief. Karma is good to Zak; he does get the girl(s). It’s his big case of hubris.
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Afrobeta “Do You Party?”

This song should be called “Do You Party With Lamb Chop?” And the answer is, yes I do. My favorite Lamb Chop memory? She’s finally on a late night adult show. She tells Sherry that she wants to use a word she’s normally not allowed to but she’s too shy to say it. So Sherry has her spell it out. “S-I-X”, says the lamb. Oh, how adorable. This video answers a more important question. What kind of music was Lamb Chop into? Now we know. “Do You Party?” is off of Afrobeta‘s latest mixtape, Wig Party.
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Killer Mike featuring Bun B, T.I., Trouble, and El-P “Big Beast”

You came for a Killer Mike video and you got a movie. From the Ronald Reagan mask, to the checkerboard slipon sneakers, you’ve got to find something interesting here. Where do we find T.I.? At the strip club, of course. But those aren’t ordinary strippers, the strippers are zombies. What do you think is in the bag? This video, of course. Enjoy. “Big Beast” is off of Killer Mike’s latest release, R.A.P. Music.
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fun. “Some Nights”

Many weeks ago, I found fun.‘s “Some Nights” to be my anthem. I would lie awake trying to fall asleep and just have this song on replay. I never pictured it to be portrayed in a video about the Civil War. Quite frankly, the way the lead singer sings so loudly in the woods would be a deterrent for me staying in those woods. Way to draw attention to our side. But seriously, if ever the Civil War were to be fought again (I literally saw a bumper sticker today that read “The day they take away the 2nd Amendment is the day we start the 2nd Revolution”) I’d like for someone to be playing on a wooden stage in the middle of the battlefield. Have a great weekend, and lead the charge of fun. Get it?

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