Video Rewind 06.13.2014

Sage Francis “Grace”

Sage Francis’s latest album is Copper Gone. The album features the very serious song “Grace”. The video is set around Sage at a dinner table. There are four chairs, but he’s clearly eating on his own. He sees the ghosts of people who he has loved in his life. They aren’t very kind to him. They represent the relationships in his life, and how they haven’t always been the most loving. Now, as an adult, he’s come to a place where he’s better equipped to handle all that has happened. In that way, when one particular woman of a ghost tries to get to him, he handles himself appropriately without violence. It goes to show, that the things that people do to us don’t have to remain as unbandaged wounds. We can heal, if we just put our minds to moving on.

Psy featuring Snoop Dogg “Hangover”

Psy and Snoop Dogg have teamed up for a new song called “Hangover”. The video follows the pair enjoying themselves somewhere in Korea, all the while not letting hangovers get in the way of their fun. They drink and eat, and drink and eat, and even cause quite a disturbing brawl. All the while, they go about their business looking classy as ever. I have it on good authority that a business trip to Japan goes much like this. I know, Psy is Korean, but there’s a chance that both countries like to take advantage of business meetings to party. I mean, can’t you picture Psy and Snoop hanging out like this when they decided to talk about doing a song together?

The Shoe “His Gorgeousness”

The Shoe: His Gorgeousness on

The third single of Jena Malone’s I’m Okay with The Shoe is “His Gorgeousness”. The setting for this video was upstate New York, but that’s not the magic of it. The purple leaves on the trees, Jena’s blond hair, and her amazing black dress are in stark contrast to one another. It’s a very appealing image to start the video with. Jena performs some simple choreography, that at times looks like she’s applying perfume to herself, all the while with a sombre face. She’s soon joined by a brunette gal, and the two frolic in the woods. This isn’t a happy frolic. It plays out more like a saddened Jena from pining for some gorgeous man who’ll never have her. The other lady is there to console her, to give her comfort. To be her best friend. Who couldn’t use a friend like that in a time of need.

Mastodon “High Road”

From their up and coming album Once More ‘Round the Sun we get Mastodon’s “High Road”. The video follows a nerdy young man who enjoys Larping. He gets his backside handed to him fiercely, and the celebration of the skull scepter ensues. To add insult to injury, the reigning larp champion and his friends burn our hero in effigy right outside while he is eating his breakfast cereal. The elderly neighbor man puts the fire out, and brings the young lad to his garage. There, with weights, a heavy bag, and the use of a trampoline, our hero is reborn. He goes off to the next match and wins the coveted skull scepter. While most applaud him, his nemesis proceeds to beat him, until the old man arrives and chases them off. Unfortunately, all the excitement may have brought on a heart attack.

Watsky “Whoa Whoa Whoa”

Watsky’s new album All You Can Do won’t be out until August, but you can enjoy the video for “Whoa Whoa Whoa” now. What’s better than Jim Belushi? Jim Belushi with a green Lamborghini. What’s even better than that? The three young adults who are about to torch it. Unfortunately for our ring leader, he has trouble with fire. See, he was trying to make it with his girl using candles to set the mood. A candle falls lighting the garbage on fire, so he tries to beat it out. Back to the car. That beautiful Lamborghini is doused in gasoline, along with arsonist’s hand. He flicks his lighter, and boom. He’s Edward Firehands. His friend isn’t the brightest. Let me give the readers a lesson here. If someone’s hand is covered with gasoline that is burning, don’t blow on it. That won’t put it out. Hand touches gasoline trail, and the burning death of the Lamborghini is on it’s way. I think they didn’t actually burn the Lamborghini. That would be expensive.

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