Video Rewind 06.14.2013

Hooded Fang “Bye Bye Land”

Hooded Fang have a new album for purchase called Gravez. Their new single from the album is “Bye Bye Land”. The video features two cars full of girls driving out to the desert. They get out, all donning animal masks, and proceed to dance. At times they dance together. Then it seems they’re having a dance off of sorts. All the while a chicken is looking on. At some point the chicken becomes a girl in a chicken mask. She gets the wolf and the rabbit to fight each other. The wolf really does a number on the rabbit. So the chicken picks up the rabbit, now an actual rabbit rather than a woman in a rabbit mask, and walks off into the yonder. Honestly, what could you expect? There is no way a rabbit is going to beat up a wolf. Perhaps this is how nature works when humans are not around.

Imperial Teen “No Matter What You Say”

Imperial Teen’s new album Feel The Sound is available for purchase now. Their new single “No Matter What You Say” has a video that features Emily Browning. Emily is some sort of art piece, as far as I can tell. She stands there in her pink dress with a mannequin arm. Well, she doesn’t just stand there. She does dance and move around while a crowd of onlookers all dressed in black stare at her blankly. It’s not like they’re even trying to ponder the artistic value of this display. Browning eventually undoes the rope barrier keeping the docile crowd at bay. She then starts to tear the clothes right off the onlookers. Now, there is another version of Browning just walking home on a dark night. This Browning eventually finds herself standing underneath a shower of clothes. She picks up some delightful shawl and wraps herself warmly in it. You find the connection between the two Brownings yourself. For me, it’s the beauty of each Browning.

The Uncluded “Aquarium”

The Uncluded are Aesop Rock and Kimya Dawson. Their new album Hokey Fright is out now. Their second single off the album is “Aquarium”. The video features Aesop and Kimya as psychologists for marine animals. While Aesop deals with a large catfish, Kimya deals with an octopus. The complaints of the two sea creatures are displayed by people going through the same dilemma, though the people are the creatures as seen by the one gentleman holding a sign that reads “Prehistoric fish needs $ for gas”. Also, let’s face it, that woman’s hair does move like the octopus tentacles, and both are red. Easily we see that the diagnosis for both is depression. How can one not be depressed when they are held to the confines of an aquarium where people will stick their dirty hands in, or even tap on the glass. How would you feel if you were sitting at home and people just stood outside your window and tapped all the time?
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Mindless Behavior “Used To Be”

Mindless Behavior’s new album All Around The World is out now. Their new single is “Used To Be”. What could be worse than you and your girl breaking up? Your three closest friends have all had their relationships end too. The video features Mindless Behavior at their extravagant beachhouse trying to get over the quadruple heartbreak. It will be a summer to forget for sure. I mean, as the lyrics say, they used to be like Jay-Z and Beyonce. That’s intense. My favorite part of the video has little to do with the cute moments they show each couple sharing. It’s the sweet choreographed dancing of these young performers. Seriously, I don’t think I’ve experienced anything like this since watching old footage of The Four Tops. Ok, so Mindless Behavior do a better job of dancing than the Tops did. The point is, these boys can perform. They’re also pretty famous so I’m sure they’ll find new girls real soon.
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Young Galaxy “New Summer”

You can check out Young Galaxy’s album Ultramarine whenever you feel like it. It is out now. You should check out their new video for “New Summer” right now. The summer is a big time for action flicks. There are so many movies with explosions, and fast car chases, and global threats that one has to wonder if Hollywood is trying to condition people to be numb to the myriad of possible apocalypses that may happen. “New Summer” adds a nice twist. We get a helicopter flying overhead surveying the city below. There is smoke and explosions over the ocean. A billowing black cloud lets us know that trouble is brewing. Then, the cloud comes shooting down the streets of the city and windows in the buildings explode. Cars on a highway are speeding in one direction while traffic in the other is at a standstill. A police vehicle with lights and sirens is cruising but I don’t think it’s to get to an emergency. This cop is fleeing, and no one will get out of his way. Fighter planes are in the sky above head. A car on the highway blows up and flips leading to a massive pile up. A mushroom cloud appears as a huge blast occurs off in the distance. All this is shown in the beauty of slow motion. No highspeed needed here. You can witness utter destruction as though you are the Flash running through everything.
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