Video Rewind 06.15.2012

The Hives “Go Right Ahead”

From the Hives latest release, Lex Hives, we have the video for “Go Right Ahead.” I’d like to say I’m closed for business due to The Hives, but I can’t. We get the chaps in tuxedos with their best hats on, going parade style down the ave. And to think no one has tried to have a concert while hanging off of a blimp. This is something that should be looked into. Forget the holograms. Let’s get Goodyear in on this.
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The Offspring “Cruising California (Bumpin’ in My Trunk)”

Let’s admit it: anytime we’re out on vacation with the family, if things go bad we want to catch a break. What better break to catch than The Offspring pulling up in a bus with strippers. This should happen more often. I bet America would be a better place with The Offspring party bus. “Cruising California (Bumpin’ in My Trunk)” appears on The Offspring’s Days Go By. Who knew they were still making albums?
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Doomtree “Beacon”

Doomtree transform an old factory into some type of headquarters for their small resistance in their new video, “Beacon”. Who are they resisting? Some old men dress like English gentlemen. There is levitation, Holmes. Shot in black and white it does have its fair share of steampunk, which is of course the new black. The song is tight and has had plenty of critical acclaim. It appears on of Doomtree’s album No Kings.
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4two7 “Butta on Ya Muffintop”

There’s liquor. There’s dancing girls. So what makes this rap video by 4two7 different? He makes muffins, then butters them. Let’s face it, 4two7 knows how to work a kitchen. They’re also magic muffins, that give you better clothes. This is any muffin man’s dream. “Butta on Ya Muffintop” is off of his debut album Internal Dialogue.
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Nada Surf “Waiting for Something”

Ah, to be young with a wooden wagon. And that tree? That’s one of the awesomest trees I’ve ever seen. It’s not often you see a man get passed a note from a woman just by looking dapper playing backgammon. It could happen, even to you, so get your backgammon boards out and start practicing. If only love were as easy as meeting up on the beach. And by the looks of the boat sailing off, it looks like the only thing the couple will be looking for is a good wind. “Waiting for Something” is off of Nada Surf‘s seventh album The Stars are Indifferent to Astronomy.
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