Video Rewind 06.19.2015

GENER8ION featuring M.I.A. “The New International Sound (PartII)”

GENER8TION and M.I.A. worked together on the track “The New International Sound (PartII)”. The video was shot in China at the Shaolin Tagou. That’s the largest fighting school for children in the country. The video features some 36,000 students at the school. They are very young, but they show off the multitude of activities they engage in. It is a wonder that China isn’t taking over the world with martial artists running rampant the way that Zombies are always depicted of doing. At the end is a scene where a group of girls are all showing off their scars and laughing. These girls are going to turn into some kick ass women.

Father John Misty “I Love You, Honeybear”

Father John Misty’s video for “I Love You, Honeybear” opens up with probably the worst pair of EMT’s around. This team are in the back of their ambulance drinking alcohol and popping pills. Meanwhile, in a mansion not so far away, a couple has gone to bed. Their furnace is leaking carbon monoxide. I guess a detector goes off signaling a call for help. The EMT duo arrive and do what they can, but the lady of the house is beyond saving, while the man may still make it. Afterwards, they go home to their apartment and drink beer while eating Chinese takeout in front of the tv. I don’t think they could care less about the woman they couldn’t save, I simply believe this is how they deal with what they do. A carbon monoxide poisoning is far from the worst thing they will see.

Travie McCoy featuring Sia “Golden”

Travie McCoy worked with Sia for his latest single “Golden”. The video is a bit of a Groundhog Traffic Jam. Rather than reliving the same day over and over, Travie relives the same moment over and over. He is constantly getting out of his car and walking along the road to see what’s going on ahead of him. Yet, he always winds up back in his car. Thankfully, every time he gets out and walks the events around the cars in front of him are advancing along. Surprisingly, though everyone is stuck in the hot desert sun while they wait for traffic to move, they seem happy, or at the very least not upset.

Elizabeth Rose “Division”

Elizabeth Rose’s video for “Division” deals with things that divide people in a relationship. The two men in the video seem to have a very healthy relationship. They’re playful with eachother, and work well as a team, as can be seen in them preparing a meal together. Dinner this evening is for one of the man’s parents. When they arrive, the mother seems ok with her son’s choice of a partner, though we never find out how she really feels. The father is very stiff and tightlipped. When his son puts a hand on his, he tenses up even more. I’m not gay, so I’ll never have to deal with this exact situation. But I did date one girl who my parents didn’t like. It was difficult, only becoming easier when it turned out that she was never going to treat me appropriately. But I imagine it would be difficult if she were as good for me as this man’s boyfriend is for him. The division is family in this case. It hurts knowing that you’ve found someone incredible, but your family will never accept them. When it comes to it, you should always pick the man or woman you love first, but it’s never that easy. Love pulls you in a million directions.

Mates of State “Staring Contest”

Mates of State have put out a new video for “Staring Contest”. The video features a young girl who is new to her class. She is invited to come up and introduce herself. Immediately, this one annoying little boy opens his mouth to say “boring”. The young girl rolls out some speakers and plugs in her mic. She begins to sing the song “Staring Contest”. Her older sister starts to dance behind her, and soon enough the class is rocking. They don’t even lose interest when the teachers get involved in the act. There is also an homage to Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” video where the two adults have their hands tied and fight with microphones. The idea for the video came from an event that ocurred for the offspring of Mates of State. Their daughter June was being introduced to her new class and decided she wanted to sing an Adele song. As a result, the family cut class, flew out to California, and recorded this video.

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