Video Rewind 06.22.2012

Matisyahu “Sunshine”

The beard is gone. The hair is blonde. Jewish artist Matisyahu has said goodbye to his strict, Jewish appearance. His sound is still the same. In his video for “Sunshine”, Matisyahu takes us on a journey into the desert. He’s got his Torah, and the courage to traverse on a bicycle, donkey, camel, and even a Suzuki motorcycle. “Sunshine” is off of his forthcoming album Spark Seeker.
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Slow Club “Beginners”

Are you a fan of Slow Club? Are you a fan of Daniel Radcliff? If you answered yes to both questions, this video is for you. Radcliff has admitted to having a drinking problem so I wonder if he experienced any kind of flashback while filming this video. He starts head down on a bar with beverages still filling his glasses and thankfully, the pillars are strong enough to withstand the barrage of a Harry Potter slap. “Beginners” is off of Slow Club’s recent release called Paradise.
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Dub Pistols featuring Rodney P “Mucky Weekend”

A British house band and a British rapper together telling us about having so much fun in the club over the weekend that you can’t exactly remember it. Mostly, we follow featured artist Rodney P as he takes us to the club. Ironically, he pretty much just stands there without dancing. The beat is bumping and Rodney’s flow is pretty nice as well. Enjoy the soundtrack to a night in the life of Rodney P. “Mucky Weekend” is off of Dub PistolsWorshipping the Dollar.
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Glen Campbell “A Better Place”

Glen Campbell has a pretty interesting history. He’s been a successful performer for six decades. In his video for “A Better Place” we get to reminisce with Glen. A photo album of him through the years is only the beginning. He also croons about how the world’s been good to him, and a better place. Sadly, the album Ghost On The Canvas is the last new album Glen plans to ever make. Not to leave you on a bummed out note, look for Joshua Homme of Queens of the Stone Age fame. Sit back as though you’re in the club watching Glen perform. Farewell Glen.
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Visioneers “Come And Play In The Milky Night”

It’s fish eye lens time. We follow a woman listening to her iPod out of the subway tunnel and onto the streets. My only question is, why does she step out into the milky night and NOT play? This feels more like sightseeing. The video is shot in London which looks more lit up than New York City. With the Olympics on the verge of beginning, this is probably the most in-depth look I have seen of London yet. Unfortunately, our subject gets onto a bicycle ride with her friend and rides off into the night with the words “to be continued” on the screen. So, we don’t really find out what happens but I’ll be sure to keep my eye out in the future. “Come and Play in the Milky Night” appears on the album Hipology.

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