Video Rewind 06.26.2015

On an On “It’s Not Over”

On an On’s latest track about letting go of love, but not wanting to is called “It’s Not Over”. The video features a couple parting on the platform of a train station. The woman gets on the train. As the train takes off, the man can’t let her go and begins an epic run to chase down the train. Once he gets to the trains destination, he climbs onto the train to look for the woman. He sees our out the window and she turns to see him. By this time the doors close, and the train takes off. The woman starts running, and her chase is more epic. She’s riding motorcycles, flying on jet packs, and swimming with dolphins. It’s the stuff of true romance.

Darwin Deez “Kill Your Attitude”

Darwin Deez enters the video game world in his video for “Kill Your Attitude”. The song is about being angry at your girlfriend, and she’s angry at you. The video features Darwin in a relationship with a video game female who is apparantly a character in a first person shooter game. She gets angry at his laziness, and general inability to do anything like clean the dishes or shop for food. She spends her days planning his demise. At one point he is arrested for leaving a dirty sock on his bed that she identifies as suspicious activity. I think the funny thing is that Darwin spends some of the video playing video games. He never actually goes boom, though, so she can’t be that mad at him.

Hurts “Some Kind of Heaven”

Hurts are back with a new video for “Some Kind of Heaven”. The video features Theo Hutchcraft walking to a secluded house. This is house is very well built. The people in the house are dressed like it’s the 60’s or 70’s. They’re just drinking, having a good time. But something seems off about them. There are times where this seems to be a cult, but I just don’t see any worship of a deity. It almost feels like they’re trying to seduce him. There are other scenes where he’s running from a car. Because, who doesn’t want to join a club where leaving means having the members try to run you down with a car. It’s a visually appealling video that doesn’t hurt the eyes. Sorry for that.

Big Sean featuring Jhene Aiko “I Know”

In the video for “I Know” by Big Sean featuring Jhene Aiko the artists both get old. Big Sean and Jhene are both occupants of an old folks home. When Big Sean arrives, he see Jhene in a wheelchair. He immediately turns on player mode and makes to kiss her hand. That’s stopped quick by a brutish attendant at the home. That night there is a Senior Prom. The couple meet up here, and with a little help from a friend who creates a diversion, Sean and Jhene take off. They go to a bar where they drink, play pool, and Sean gets to win an arm wrestling match. Don’t worry, by the end of the video the couple have become young again. It’s an interesting take for a rap video, and it works.

Vaults “Cry No More”

Vaults is back with another video. This one is for “Cry No More”. It’s got a twist to it, in the David Lynch kind of way. The lead singer, whose name is difficult to identify via Google, is buried under some dirt in the woods. She rises, and makes a chase against a man running with a gun. At one point she comes across a young girl who hands her a revolver. The chase is back on. When she reaches the man with the gun, he has the lead singer tied up and blindfolded. He’s digging a grave. When he finishes, he draws his gun and walks over to the kneeling woman. That’s when another woman, the same woman, comes from out of the woods pointing her revolver. The man turns, takes aim, but in the confusion is too slow to shoot. Bang. He’s the one in the hole now.

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