Video Rewind 06.27.2014

Liars “Pro Anti Anti”

Liars: Pro Anti Anti on

Off of their current album Mess, Liars released the video for their single “Pro Anti Anti”. The video features the band members have photographs and imaging done of their faces so that molds could be made of them. Wax is used for the molds, and artists then painted the faces to look like the real ones. These faces are then put on display, but the lighting is hot and the faces begin to melt over time. It makes for an interesting visual, as when the painted sections start to come off, they move like one layer swimming over the wax. In the end you have your typical waxy runoff in all colors down the side of the podiums that they were displayed on.

Amp Live featuring Anya and Prof “Penny Nickel Dime”

Off the new album Headphone Concerto we get the video for “Penny Nickel Dime” by Amp Live featuring Anya and Prof. The video starts with an old woman begging for change. A gentleman in a suit and sunglasses drops off an envelope that says “The Key To Happiness” on the front, and has an address on the back. She goes to the address and finds a trunk that is filled with money and riches. She starts living the high life, spending money on all kinds of things. She even picks up some young gentlemen to play with her. She starts to indulge in the spending of money to the point that she gets sick. What she vomits out is like liquid gold. Her new “friends” want more of it and begin to accost her. She eventually escapes looking ragged and disheveled. As she walks she stops and pulls out one last lump of cash. Spotting a man sleeping on the sidewalk, she dumps the cash and walks off. Moral of the story is that money is not the key to happiness.

Blueprint “Perspective”

The lyrics for Blueprint’s “Perspective” aren’t really groundbreaking. He’s just telling it as it is, explaining how we are in fact all equal, all you have to do to realize it is change your perspective. The video for the song doesn’t feature much other than Blueprint on a rooftop in the city. He’s not on a mountain, but he’s high up, and he’s not preaching to the masses, but directly to you. It is peaceful up where he is. It is a quiet bird’s eye view. And yet, he describes a lot of the pain and chaos in the world as how we go through it. We compare one another with ourselves thinking about who has it worse, who has it better. Rather, Bluerpint’s message is that we should recognize other’s pains and successes, and not compare. Our faces look different, but we all have them. In the same, our experiences aren’t all the same, but we all suffer, and we all strive. It’s all about perspective, and if you can rise above the mire that you’re trapped in, from way up high you can see things more clearly and understand, that we really are all in this together.

The Luka State “Rain”

The new video for “Rain” by The Luka State centers around two people, one man the other a woman, who are going through difficult times. The man has just broken up with his girlfriend, and is off to just walk, think, get away from the situation. The woman is unhappy with her life, with her workplace and the coworkers there. She tries to make the best of it, but is put off when one co-worker tries to kiss her. She runs off upset. What happens is that she makes her way to a bridge where she starts to climb the railing. The man has already made his way to the bridge and his leaning on the railing looking off and thinking. Luckily for both, he notices the woman climbing the railing and runs over to grab her before she jumps. He has just saved her life, and in the process she may help save his. Mental illness and intense sadness are difficult to cope with. You can feel absolutely alone even when surrounded by many, many people.

3LAU featuring Bright Lights “How You Love Me”

The video for “How You Love Me” by 3LAU featuring Bright Lights centers around young love. Young, obsessive love. The two teenagers studying in the girl’s bedroom are destined for trouble. This becomes apparent when the message written on the young man’s hand says, “I’m ready”. Unfortunately for our young man here, he cannot possibly be ready. What follows is a display of the girl’s telekinetic abilities. Once the deed is done, things get worse. Our young man starts having some regrets now that his hormones have subsided. He gets up and starts to get dressed when the lights turn on. It turns out that he has an incoming phonecall from some other girl. This is not good, and leads to Sith-like chokeholds, and teddy bear attacks. Losing his virginity was the worst possible thing.

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