Video Rewind 07.04.2014

Crookers “Able to Maximize”

Crookers new single is “Able to Maximize”. The video is an animated tale of a man who washes up on shore. A cow, because they like to chill on the beach, walks over and tries to drag him out of the water. He gets a little help from an old man and his flute. Then the journey continues as the cow carries the man on it’s back into town, through town, and up an active volcano. Everywhere along the path you can see that death has been here already. What chances does the man have? Well, if you’re asking what chances he has of becoming a pizza, then his chances are pretty good. This tale doesn’t end here. It will be continued.

How To Dress Well “Childhood Faith in Love”

We’ve seen How To Dress Well’s videos for “Repeat Pleasure” and “Face Again”. Now we get the video for “Childhood Faith in Love”, the completion of his “What Is This Heart?” trilogy. Our video begins with the young man and his girlfriend laying on the ground in the desert. His grandfather has burned in the pyre, and he like many people when dealing with loss just doesn’t want to go on. He has some help. This is a story about gaining a new love while losing an old one. For him, his girlfriend is the one that keeps him moving. She’s the one that buys food and water, not the best food but food nonetheless, and makes sure that he’s getting what he needs. It doesn’t look like they have the best of futures together, but there’s no denying that they care for each other, and if they stay together they’ll get through this.

Little Dragon “Pretty Girls”

When Little Dragon last appeared on the Video Rewind, it was in February for their “Klapp Klapp” video. Their latest release “Pretty Girls” has a video that takes over where “Klapp Klapp” left off. Our voodoo woman has started a rise of zombies from the cemetery. She is grabbed by men who throw her in the back of a van. They take her down to a local town where the bar is having some sort of beauty contest. She’s clearly under some bad magic, but they dress her up and put her on stage. As she finishes her performance, the men are very intrigued by her. That’s when the zombies, who have made their way to the bar, attack.

Robin Thicke “Still Madly Crazy”

Robin Thicke made a splash last summer with his single “Blurred Lines”. Since then, things haven’t gone so well with his personal life. His private issues with potentially getting divorced have led to him publicly making gestures for her to forgive him. One of those gestures is his video for “Still Madly Crazy”. The song is clearly for his wife, and the video is a sweet enactment of a wedding featuring children as the bride, groom, and wedding party. The kids are sweet with each other, if not at times a little awkward. After all, the kissing and physical part of love isn’t their forte, and it shouldn’t be. But what you do see are some genuine gestures of love. Hugs, kisses on the cheek, laughter, the playfulness of accepting a bouquet of roses and then using them to hit people. There’s also the fun of the food fight after the cutting and consuming of the cake. There is even some fun when the speeches happen as one kid puts his arm around the groom and says he’s known him for 20 years. Another tells the groom to make it work, because he doesn’t want the groom crying on his couch. It’s a cute, little video that begs for sincerity. But when you go to this extreme to try to win someone back, it usually means that it’s too little too late.

Lonely the Brave “Backroads”

The new video for “Backroads” by Lonely The Brave was shot in Ukraine. The video shows how Kiev looks partly like it’s prepping for war, and partly like it’s a giant monument to soldiers and citizens who have already died as a result of what’s happened. We follow some local youth who skateboard through the city, all just looking for a way to escape the current situation. We get with that flashbacks to images of the riots as people clash with police and military. To fight like that for something, you have to absolutely love it. The further these skaters get away from the city and the scenes of fighting, the happier they start to get. There is a bit of a run in with soldiers, but they escape without any bullets flying. There is a life, a whole world, that lives beside and outside of our social constructs. A battle may be raging in a city, but the forest, the rivers and lakes, nature doesn’t seem to care for it. It goes on being, and sometimes taking the backroads can indeed show us that we aren’t mired in our problems.

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