Video Rewind 07.10.2015

Patent Pending “Brighter”

Patent Pending’s video for “Brighter” is a metaphor about building something that will take you far. It starts out with frontman Joe Ragosta looking for parts at a garbage dump. Eventually he gets some help from a little kid and the rest of the band. He’s buidling a rocket ship in his garage. Of particular highlight are the astronaut suits they build out of junk. And the very serious astronaut portraits they take could pass for the real deal.

The Vaccines “20/20”

The Vaccines song “20/20” deals with the ability to look back on a person and see them for who they really are. The video for the song deals with dropping something into your eyes to have some x-ray vision. What does one do with that type of power? Obviously you go to the casino and win at black jack. The thing that gets me, is how little the gambler wins by cheating. He basically wins one hand with a 21 and pockets the chips to leave. You’re not likely to get caught this way, but it’s going to take a long time to make real money.

Panic! At The Disco “Hallelujah”

Panic! At The Disco deal with sinning and looking for sex rather than love in “Hallelujah”. It’s an empty chase that gets you nowhere. The video shows frontman Brendon Urie chasing a woman across M. C. Escher inspired walkways. As the lady walks down across walkways, she stops and turns to Brandon who starts to move only to find that the path has shifted, and he can’t get anywhere. This goes on for a bit until she comes out of a hallway and rides off on a bicycle. When Brandon comes out, the second bicycle is revealed to be very small and to only have matched the first in size because of perception. In the end it takes an Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade style leap of faith to get to the girl.

Destroyer “Girl in a Sling”

Destroyer’s song “Girl in a Sling” is about a girl in need of some repair. The video centers around Destroyer in a dark room developing pictures of houses that have been abandoned. They don’t look to be in the best condition, but all they need is some love to fix them up. You have to find one you are going to like living in. Fixing up houses isn’t for everyone. It is costly. But you can turn what looks like a lost cause into something well worth it. It’s the same with people. You have to see them for what they truly are and can be. Then you can decide if you want to put the effort in to help them or move on.

YOGI and Skrillex featuring Pusha T, Trollphace, and Moody Good “Burial”

YOGI, Skrillex,Pusha T,
Trollphace, and Moody Good all came together for a new mix of the track “Burial”. The video features Pusha-T getting his hair worked on while a disturbing troupe of dancers enters and starts causing a raucus. We also learn that Pusha T is really Dennis Rodman. However, the true stars of this video are indeed the dancers.

Skylar Spence “Can’t See You”

Skylar Spence’s track “Can’t See You” appears to be about not having the capacity to be serious about someone else because Skylar is in love with his reflection. The video deals with an office worker who likes a woman who works with him. Rather than actually ask her out, he daydreams about being this cool guy who can whisk her away on a motorcycle or rocket umbrella. He finally decides to ask her out, but decides that the best way to do this is by jumping out from behind a van with a box of chocolates and roses. While he’s daydreaming about what will happen, the girl walks by and is met by the cooler version of Skylar. After stalking them he enters the bar they did. Here he is spotted by cool Skylar who puts regular Skylar in a headlock. The woman calls halt and demands to have a winner of her heart by dance off. Cool Skylar wins, but he loses his leather jacket. It’s not all the dumps for regular Skylar. There’s another girl at the bar who has watched the events unfold. She’s shy, but Skylar dons the leather jacket and asks her to dance. Go get yourself some Skylar.

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