Video Rewind 07.13.2012

Amanda Palmer & Grand Theft Orchestra “Want It Back”

The masses will be thrilled to see Amanda Palmer naked. Director Jim Batt turns Palmer’s body into a canvas as the lyrics to “Want It Back” unfold upon her skin, make their way out of her room and onto the streets of Melbourne. Perhaps most impressive is that the video was shot in stop-motion animation so, with how long it took to stay still over the course of three days, it’s good to know Palmer is still well pleased and excited for the video. Some of you will watch it over and over again just to see her breasts. Others will give it repeat viewings just because it is a great video. “Want It Back” will be on Amanda Palmer & Grand Theft Orchestra’s Theatre is Evil being released September 11th.
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Foxes “Youth (Adventure Club remix)”

With the roll that reality tv is on, it’s a wonder there are still writers in the film industry. If you shot a few days in my life with the clarity of this Adventure Club video, my life might look fascinating as well. For the dubstep duo’s mix of Foxes’ “Youth”, we have a video showing what life is like for the Canadian beatmasters. Sure looks like fun traveling, partying, performing, meeting with fans, but it certainly seems that they have little to stress over. It really is life in high definition.
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Stu Bangas and Vanderslice featuring Apathy, Alchemist, Evidence, and Roc Marciano “The Gusto”

Although the video features a group of artists, no two are seen together at one time. The scenes are of an old Western town, possibly Beverly Hills, and a comic book store. The video focuses on the artists rapping. No gimmicks. The rappers walk towards us as they talk to us. I guess it goes to show, that you can go for the gusto anywhere.

Murs “Animal Style”

Typically, you hear gay slurs in rap music. These slurs appear to be the sentiment of the artist or they are used as a putdown of someone else who isn’t gay. I remember once back in high school a fellow student trying to explain why it’s ok to say, “Ew, that’s gay.” He tried to explain that it didn’t mean there was anything wrong with being gay. But then, why compare something negatively as being gay? In the song and video for “Animal Style”, Murs takes a different approach. He tells the story of two young gay men. They feel the need to hide their relationship. One day, it comes out by mistake and the lives of the two men are forever changed. Murs decided that a stand must be taken. The problem for teenagers has always been to figure out who they are while being influenced by the people around them. This video may be an extreme of that, but it is something to give us thought. Murs himself admits that he went out of his comfort zone to write the song. Does something that makes us uncomfortable have to be wrong? “Animal Style” appears on Murs’ Love and Rockets Voume 1:The Transformation.

The Walkmen “The Love You Love”

We start with objects that have been dropped onto a small table and broken; only to watch them go from broken bits back together again. Gotta love the rewind factor here. We then move to views of a boy in a suit and floating cat statues. All I can really say is that this boy needs friends, or at least parents to watch over him. The broken objects I understand. Love can really break you, and then it can put you back together. What this roaming boy in a suit who enjoys screaming signifies? I just don’t know. Perhaps for the men out there, it’s the little boy inside of us who just can’t figure out what it is we really want. “The Love You Love” is off of The Walkmen’s latest offering Heaven.
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