Video Rewind 07.18.2014

The Ting Tings “Wrong Club”

The Ting Tings will have a new album out October 20th called Super Critical. They released a video for their single “Wrong Club”. It centers around Katie White in an empty warehouse. She’s dressed in all black with heavy crimped hair. She’s dancing, a choreographed dance, and the whole while there is a light show. At times it looks like Katie’s being scanned, perhaps to make a figurine. No, not that. It’s a different look for the band and it’s not a bad one.

Jenny Lewis “Just One Of The Guys”

In Jenny Lewis’s new video for “Just One Of The Guys”, she has quite the backup band. You may have heard of Anne Hathaway, Brie Larson, Kristen Stewart and Tennessee Thomas. The girls all take turns dressing up as guys in some sweet Adidas track suits. I must say, if this is what you picture men being like, we are doing it wrong as men. I get it, it’s a playful jokey video. So if you ever wondered what these gals would look like as men, here’s your dream come true. The song will be found on Lewis’s The Voyager set for a July 29th release.

The Afghan Whigs “Matamoros”

For their latest video, The Afghan Whigs took to the New York City Subway. There is no other form of transportation that allows you to be entertained by street performers than the Subway. It’s quite amazing to see these performers do what they do on a moving train at that. I know, inertia makes it more simple than it seems, but still the tiny bumps that can occur surely would cause me to get hurt. I especially like the little kid who has some great moves. It amazes me to see children with that kind of muscle control. “Matamoros” is available on The Afghan Whigs’ Do to the Beast.

RL Grime “Core”

In his new video RL Grime provides some exquisite soundtracking to a clip reminiscent of G.I. Joe type forces saving the world. Only, the villain here isn’t COBRA. We never actually see the threat, but we do see a hidden lair with lots of fancy computers, and three very sleek, all black helicopters. This is the kind of thing you imagine when listening to electronic music. The video possibly indicates that we will see more of what is happening here in future releases. “Core” will be found on RL Grime’s debut album that is yet without a title. It will be out this year.

Alt-J “Hunger of the Pine”

Alt-J’s latest single is “Hunger of the Pine”. The video features a man running through the woods while arrows are shot at him. We never do see who is shooting at him. He takes several arrows, at different points, through different parts of his body. Yet, he is able to get up and keep running. When he reaches a clearing, he finds a container of gasoline. He pours it all over himself and waits. A barage of arrows lit on fire come at him. We don’t see what happens, but we can all guess. “Hunger of the Pine” is off of This Is All Yours coming out later this year.

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  • Janna Pelle says:

    As a NYC musician I really appreciate the Afghan Whigs video. Not enough people give these guys enough credit for what they do…. it’s pretty amazing.. “It’s SHOWTIME!!!”

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