Video Rewind 08.01.2014

Saint Raymond “I Want You”

Nottingham UK’s Saint Raymond is gearing up to release his debut album later this year. His single “I Want You” is available for pre-order on Itunes. The video for it features rolling down hills, feeling down when you’re out of a relationship, stalking, and a stone cold old man. We find ourselves at the Lucerne Valley Market. A young woman needs to speak to an old man, though he makes no motion that even indicates he is aware she is there. There’s some public crying that can be awkward, and Saint Raymond watching it all from his car. It is very stalkerish. When she leaves, Raymond enters and also talks to the old man. This gent is still ever the blank look. We finally find ourselves at the giant sand hill where a group of people one by one having been throwing themselves down. Raymond goes last, since he’s the not up on what all the cool kids are doing, knowing that his target is somewhere down in the pile of folks at the bottom. I want to go toss myself down a sand hill, like now.

Son Lux “Lanterns Lit”

Son Lux’s released their album Lanterns in 2013. They’re still going strong with their push of it. Their video for the single “Lanterns Lit” came out this week. It contains footage shot while the filming of a short film to increase awareness that children in Southeast Asia need help. We follow children as they make their way through poor settings in terms of money and wealth, and possibly the bare necessities to live. Visually, these children are in quite stunning settings, even when shrouded with garbage and debris. You can see how much more beautiful their homes would be if the conditions were better. And they’re all staring off in the distance at a rocket that is fired in the sky. If that’s not an image that packs a lot of punch, then you’re a person who will never get it.

Macy Gray “Bang Bang”

Macy Gray has been hanging out at parties you and I could only dream to get into. The video for her single “Bang Bang” takes place in some very nice, very big house. She’s there to perform, other people are there to party, and there is a high stakes poker match taking place. To get into the party you have to show your invite, be identified by photograph by security, and prove you have the case. The game takes a break when only two players are left. That’s when they take a break, and the way it ends is quite surprising. Sometimes the best hustlers don’t play at the table. “Bang Bang” is off of Macy’s upcoming release The Way due out in October.

Tijuana Panthers “Nobo”

Tijuana Panthers have quite the James Bond parody in their latest video for “Nobo”. We don’t get James Bond as 007, but we do get J. Blonde as pi. I’m not going to write that number out. We get some great villains such as Braceface, Scar-amanga, Dr. Huck Dunter, and Hector Sanchez. There are plenty of women, or just their silhouettes. There are guns of all sorts. There’s the Nintendo gun for Duck Hunt. There’s the finger gun, a favorite of J. Blonde’s. Some of the action sequences are shot with liberty, but it works so well. I’m not saying if this were a feature film it would be funny, but visually speaking, I’d watch it.

Leilani Wolfgramm “Empty”

Leilani Wolfgramm’s latest video for “Empty”, off of her album Rebel, is stark in its contrast. The music has a slow, Caribbean feel even though it’s a sad song. It’s all about a man leaving her feeling empty. You can see the pain on her face as she sings, all the while a faceless man starts to take everything. She lifts a glass to drink some wine, but he takes it away before it touches her lips. Then comes the jewelry, all removed with force as even the necklaces are broken right off her neck. The clothes come off next. Then her hair is messed up. The table goes with all the things on it. The poster hanging on the wall. Her bra and makeup ultimately come off as well. Maybe there are instances where someone leaves a relationship taking everything, but that’s not usually how it goes. Rather, it just feels that way because the material possessions are useless. You don’t want to live anymore, so you literally stop trying. No eating or drinking, so what’s the use of food and drink and dinnerware. You don’t want to go anywhere, so what’s with the clothes and makeup? Anything of value is gone, because just like she sings “You took it anyway”. That’s probably the worst part of feeling empty. You’re not actually empty, it’s not actually the end of the world. But when it comes to feelings, you can be 100% wrong and still be 100% right.

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