Video Rewind 08.03.2012

alanis morisette, norah jones, heartless bastardsAlanis Morissette’s new video for “Guardian” starts out with some nice penmanship as someone writes the lyrics to the song. We then go to a black and white montage of a city. Alanis stands atop a tall building with angel wings on. We watch a pair of adults and a teen walking through the city. The adults begin to argue, and the teen sits on a water fountain. Then we cut to Alanis and band rocking out on set. If you can’t tell, this song has something to do with children, and being their protector. Powerful message from the power rocker. It seems like she’s come a long way from “You Oughta Know”.
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Norah Jones “Miriam”

“Miriam. That’s such a pretty name. I’m gonna say it when I make you cry.” What a way to start a song. Last time we saw Norah Jones was for her video “Happy Pills”. It seems Norah’s enjoying the cinematic take on videos. This one was completed in one take–that always impresses me. The visual for this ballad starts with some tree, and then shifts its way over to a lake. In the middle is a boat with Miss Norah, and a bloody oar in the water. Is she on a tear killing people in her videos? Seems like it. Enjoy the video and the wonderful Miss Norah Jones.
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Heartless Bastards “Only For You”

We’ve all been there, dressed up in a suit as a kid and just taking a drive. Ok, so there using children here to play adults. There’s something quirky and cute about this. The feel of the video, and the appearance of actual adults, implies to me the way love can make you feel. Aren’t you supposed to find that someone that makes you feel like a kid again? Oh, Heartless Bastards, the things you’ll do to make a video. Using Guitar Hero guitars to play in the pool. Priceless. I could sure go for a late night swim. Who’s coming with? “Only For You” is off their latest release Arrow.
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The Wallflowers “Reboot The Mission”

It feels like it’s been a while since I’ve heard from The Wallflowers. This video is a bit different than anything I remember from them. I don’t recall them having a song this dancey but you can really feel the funk here. The video goes back and forth between the band recording the song and street dancers jamming out to it. Personally, I think it’s a good sound for The Wallflowers. “Reboot The Mission” will appear on their October release Glad All Over.
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Jhameel “A Maiden Calling”

Who is the maiden in the wheat field? Well, our hero takes great effort to chase her down. Down a ditch, through the woods, waking up the next day after touching some forbidden artifact, across a lake… This guy should be exhausted. Like any young man, he takes off in search of this attractive woman. Having seen the ending, I can only wonder if this video has anything to do with leaving the mechanical world for a more natural one. Nah, I’m just making that up.
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