Video Rewind 08.07.2015

Monogem “Wait and See”

Monogem’s latest video for “Wait and See” is quite a gem itself. As you follow a gray haired man through the city, you realize that it can be ok to be by yourself. Granted, this guy is in a city so it’s not as though he is entirely alone, but you can feel most alone in a crowd. This guy gets out there and just walks. He finds friends pretty much everywhere. Where’s the girls at the karaoke bar, the guys shooting dice on the street, and even the party where Monogem is playing. Take a lesson from this guy, don’t let yourself feel alone.

Darkstar “Pin Secure”

Gabrielle Aplin “Sweet Nothing”

The only thing better than
Gabrielle Aplin’s video for “Sweet Nothing” may have been to sit on set while they filmed it. The number of drummers that they got together is awesome. If they actually play entirely in sync with one another, well, for some that might be a cacophony, but I would have tingles all over my body. The light show that ensues is what heaven is like. For these reasons, I can forgive Gabrielle for dressing up like a 50 year old, alcoholic, chain smoking woman addicted to them one armed bandits at the casino.

Autre Ne Veut “World War Pt. 2”

Autre Ne Veut’s video for “World War Pt. 2” has to be one of the strangest ones I’ve seen in a while. Arthur Ashin is the nude gentleman, who seems to be doing quite well in terms of money. This house is fantastic. However, he has a nude woman attached to him. Or rather, she is straddling him at all times. One the one hand this might be great, some sort of tantric sex excursion. On the other hand, she is weird and develops fangs. Let’s not overlook the end of the video where the two seem to be melding into one person. If I had to venture a gues, I’d say the video is portraying the weight of one person becoming a burden on the other. This goes on to the point where that person has lost his or herself. In doing so, both people are changed becoming less of what they are because they’ve become too codependent on one another.

Atmosphere “Sunshine”

Atmosphere’s video for “Sunshine” doesn’t have all those annoying cuts that keep you wondering what the narrative is. It doesn’t have much in terms of set location. You have inside, and outside. What the video is has is some great creative use of making the most of what you have. I like the props, the three dimensions of the video as the camera moves, the girl on the bicycle moves, the background moves. I also like the white lines, circles, and words that let you see all the little things. It’s like seeing the notes as they worked on the storyboard. And in terms of music, I can’t say that I’ve ever woken up with a hangover and been able to shake it by getting sunshine. I will say that the sunshine makes a difference if I’m simply in a funk of a mood. Enjoy your weekend, but keep it simple.

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