Video Rewind 08.10.2012

M-Dot “Detour”

M-Dot shot his video for “Detour” in Germany. The gist of the video is that M-Dot is walking around checking out the German women. Unfortunately, there don’t appear to be many women in Germany. In fact, there don’t appear to be many people in Germany. In a way, this video is confusing. The song is about all the women that M-Dot meets on tour. Yet, the women he sees in the video he simply walks past. Often, all there is between the two is a momentary glance. You still get to see some nice shots of Germany, and it’s always good to know that a performer can get out and tour the city while on tour. Produced by German producer Whatson, “Detour” will appear on his album Detour.

The Linus Pauling Quartet “Crom”

I’m sure Linus Pauling would be so proud to know there is a Texas rock band named after him. Nonetheless, for fans of the Conan series by Robert E. Howard will love this claymation take on what it’s like to be Crom, god of the strong. The characters don’t seem to be getting along as they begin to take each other out one by one. Meanwhile, Crom does what he likes, and makes the sky rain down in blood and fire, literally melting eyeballs. It’s a little ridiculous and a little cool all wrapped up in one. Enjoy the carnage. “Crom” will appear on The Linus Pauling Quartet’s upcoming album Bag of Hammers.
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Antony and the Johnsons “Cut the World”

Kudos for getting Willem Dafoe into their video. “Cut the World” seems to me to be a video that should be viewed prior to Administrative Professional’s Day. We get Willem Dafoe who is some sort of big wig lawyer or businessman. We also get his administrative professional. She snaps and takes a blade to his throat and as she leaves the office and building she is joined by an army of other admin professionals who have all done the same exact thing. Kind of makes you wonder, in that “Fight Club” way what would happen if the little people united. This version of “Cut the World” appears on Antony and the Johnsons’ album Cut the World which is actually a collection of live symphonic versions of songs from their whole collection.
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Redd Kross “Stay Away from Downtown”

Redd Kross do their best Kiss impression in their video for “Stay Away From Downtown” off their newly released album Researching the Blues. I think what I like best about the beginning of the video is how the lead singer is positioned directly in front of the drummer so as to obscure him entirely. It’s ok. The drummer gets plenty of closeups later on. It’s a quirky little video that reminds me of the special effects used back in the 70’s to try and make videos super cool. All along the screen in the background are shots from downtown somewhere Japan.
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Liars “Brats”

liars, bratsThis video is a cross between a macabre video game and cartoons. Mostly I’m referring to the crazy type shenanigans that go on between Buggs Bunny and Elmer Fudd. It’s rabbit versus hunter in what sometimes looks like a fight. Other times it looks like some awkward dance off. Like any good cartoon, no one appears to get seriously hurt. In fact, it’s a bit comical when you just watch it. The choreography, if you can call it that, is choppy and does seem to resemble more of how a real, uncontrolled fight would be. The jerky movements, the stumbling around. It’s an interesting view to say the least. “Brats” is the second release from Liars’ new album WIXIW.

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