Video Rewind 08.16.2013

Just Blaze & Baauer featuring Jay-Z “Higher”

Just Blaze and Baauer have a new collaboration featuring Jay-Z on vocals. It is out worldwide now but will be released in the UK on October 8th. The video takes us south of the equator. A group of men practice the local martial art, even using swords, shields, and spears. One of them thinks he’s as bad Shaft. A little boy doesn’t like him so much, so he gets the other boys in the town to join him in training. In the end, he tries to take on this man and beats him with wits not brawn. It’s just great to see how these young boys can come together and train in an orderly fashion. They help with flips to make sure no one gets hurt. They are unified. Unlike these unruly old men who think they run things and only want to start drunken fights.
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Youth Lagoon “Raspberry Cane”

Youth Lagoon’s sophomore album Wondrous Bughouse is out now. His new single and video for “Raspberry Crane” are both out now. The video is an animated triumph. It’s really beautiful to watch, though it leaves much to interpretation. We find people, and we find large monsters or gods perhaps that flow with energy. They seem to have masks on, but these may just be how they look. It’s difficult to tell if they are good or bad. For the most part, they don’t seem to cause harm, but the dragon has obviously left our swimming friend dead in the pool. The large, fiery bird towards the end of the video is absolutely amazing, though it seems to be emanating from an oil derrick.
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Saint Motel “Daydream/Wetdream/Nightmare”

Saint Motel’s new video for “Daydream/Wetdream/Nightmare” comes of their 2012 album Voyeur. The video features beautiful artwork by Danish artist Sidsel Sorenson. Sorenson got the concept of the video from tales of Danish fishermen from the island called Fano. Apparently when the fishermen here would go to sea, their wives would stay home. This would leave the women free to romp in the sheets with whomever they choose. The signal that all is in the clear was the turning of porcelain dogs in the windows so that they were looking in. Our sailor in the video is sad because his wife doesn’t even enjoy being around him. When he returns from fishing in the evening he catches her in bed with another man. He starts fighting the man, and presumably winning, when his wife takes him out with a rolling pin to the back of the dome. Here he dreams of being at the bottom of the sea. He falls in love with a mermaid who resembles his wife. When he wakes, he’s in bed with his mermaid. If only all our dreams came true.
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Fallulah “Out Of It”

Danish pop star Fallulah has a new single “Out Of It”. In the video Fallulah finds herself in a cottage in the winds. Unbeknownst to her, there is a dinner party planned. She finds out that the guests are monsters, but she doesn’t panic. She invites them in and they all seem to be having a good time. Perhaps Fallulah’s good time is all the liquor she’s drinking. The monster with the skull and horns thinks it is time to show off with a fancy trick. As he attempts to pull the table cloth off the table leaving everything else in its place, everything winds up getting dumped on the floor. Fallulah is now upset, and slams her glass on the floor adding to the mess. She exits and runs until she comes upon water as the dawn is breaking. The monsters find her. The one who looks like he may be out of Where The Wild Things Are shuffles on over to her and twiddles his fingers. I think these guys are going to all be ok.
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Big Black Delta “Money Rain Down”

Big Black Delta has a new release called “Money Rain Down” from the album Big Black Delta. The video features Jonathan Bates mostly sitting in a chair singing, with some sweet shades on. He’s got dancers around him. Sometimes they’re in their normal clothes. Other times their in green suits so you get a neat effect of white beings dancing that you can see through just above the elbow and knee. Just watch, you’ll see it. It’s really cool when Bates gets involved in the dancing as well. He’s not as good as the backup dancers but, after the chair breaks, you kind of assume he’s done. It’s my understanding that Big Black Delta shows are intricately produced with lights and sounds. This video fits right in with that train of thought. I personally like when he tries to get the crew to dance, and they’re like, no.
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