Video Rewind 08.17.2012

Kool Keith “Who’s The Man”

I am not artistic so seeing a finished product that I find impressive is always a joy. Watching that piece be created is even more exciting for me. For Kool Keith’s video “Who’s the Man”, artists Hek and Junky of the TJS Crew get to work turning a brick wall into a replica of Kool Keith’s album art from Love & Danger. We see the product from start to finish in the time-lapse video. What starts out as a bunch of color comes together quite nicely to pay homage to Kool Keith, who claims to be retiring. There is no retiring of jerseys or numbers in rap music, but maybe this wall mural can work as a remembrance of good ole’ Kool Keith.

Darlingside “Terrible Things”

Follow the journey of a man who awakes to find himself reminded of all the terrible things he’s done by a series of labeled Polaroid pictures. Anything and everything from not returning a lawnmower to giving false hope haunt our hero. He has an entire wall in a locked room plastered with these photographs. He literally has a room he can walk into and torment himself with the terrible things he’s done. It’s called memory folks, and it’s why so many of us don’t want to be alone with our memories. Aw, but see, the kicker here is that he finds someone who loves him anyways. It’s like that Kelly Clarkson song “Darkside”. Everyone has one. Do they love you and yours? “Terrible Things” is off of Darlingside’s debut album Pilot Machines.
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TS and The Past Haunts “Unknown”

Marijuana is often called the gateway drug. Apparently one puff of marijuana invites you to try all kinds of other drugs. This video could argue that marijuana is the gateway drug to the occult. You’ve got the green herb leading to the black magic or in this case the black garbage bag that attacks. It’s a short video. It doesn’t make all the sense but hey, we’ve all heard enough of those scary stories where somebody’s cousin or whatever has a room locked up that no one can enter into because they used a Ouiji board and now there were dark forces. So really, why would you wanna play that game? “Unknown” appears on TS and The Past HauntsGone and Goner.

Turtle Giant “We Were Kids”

It’s the things that we did, no matter how weird, that were fun. From having a food fight, to trying on your first pair of tights and just enjoying the way it feels as you run your legs across the living room table, to smearing makeup on your face like warpaint, to running around with a bandana on your head and pretending you knew karate, we all did something weird. Why don’t we do it anymore? Because we are more concerned with being perceived as weird. Or maybe we just want more tangible things. I don’t know. Go out and do something you used to do as a kid. Have a little crazy fun for a change. “We Were Kids” is off of Turtle GiantsAll Hidden Places.
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K’Naan “Hurt Me Tomorrow”

Once K’Naan rapped about how he could’ve gotten Kanye to drop a beat for him but then he’d have probably spent half his budget. If anything, K’Naan is fiscally responsible. That trend continues here, where we have K’Naan and some stick figure drawings are running the show. If this video were part of the actual plea for someone to stay, I think that he or she would ask for you to try harder. Yet, there’s something about the exploding balloons of colored smoke that make me wish my tomorrow could start the same way. Also, if only I could copyright or patent the stick figure. I’d be rich. “Hurt Me Tomorrow” is off of Country, God or The Girl set for release October 16th.
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