Video Rewind 08.23.2013

Wiley “Flying”

Wiley is to Grime as Superman is to Superheroes. Only, Wiley literally created the genre of music, while Superman is probably the best known superhero. Both are still going strong. Wiley’s new single “Flying” is the artist at his usual sharpness. The video features Wiley dropping his Grimey rhymes alone on camera. Shot in black and white they add color in red washing and add designs around him. Squiggles and lines that follow his hand movements are abundant. Some play with the eyes and his grill also come into play. It has a comic book feel to it, but it’s simple all the same. That’s Wiley, not too flashy, just damn good.

Night Beds “Ramona”

It’s tough to have a family. They love you but they can’t always be good to you. Sometimes you hurt one another, a la you hurt the one’s you love the most. Still, you don’t usually hurt the people you love because you want to. It happens as a part of life when you do something that you believe is good for you, and they don’t agree. In their new video for “Ramona”, Night Beds give us a lesson in loving. The video centers around an older man who goes out on his boat and drinks. He has pictures of his son from younger days and it is clear to see that he loves, or loved, him greatly. When the man gets back on land he goes to the bar. He sees his son, who appears very feminine, and gives him a disappointing look. All his son is doing is sitting there and having a beer with a gentleman that looks too old for him. Though they may just be friends and not lovers. His father goes into the bathroom where he shows signs of pain. His son enters, and is pushed away. Only, the father stops and pulls the son close. They go back out into the bar and dance, the way a father might with his daughter. The video ends with the old man on his boat removing his shirt. It’s as though a weight has been removed from his son. He chose love and acceptance. Your kids will not turn out the way you expect them too. If you raise them right, they’ll turn out well. Catch “Ramona” on Night Beds new album Country Sleep.
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Five Knives “Vive Le Roi”

I have yet to meet a woman who doesn’t think she’s Xena the princess warrior when you piss her off. And so, they all warn me and everyone else around them not to piss them off. Look, let’s be realistic. Not everyone can be a badass bitch that no one should mess with. If you are the girl in this video for “Vive Le Roi” by Five Knives, threaten all you want. We find ourselves at a fancy dinner with some very powerful and prestigious figures. This girl gets upset, and starts to yell the lyrics to this song and make some crazy jerky motions. At this point, we have a The Exorcist display of paranormal activity. She falls and they check on her. When her eyes open she has two pupils in each eye. Now the levitation occurs. Chinaware is flying, the ground is rumbling. Someone has pissed the wrong girl off. She runs outside where a man in a pickup almost hits her. Cue the jerky motions and his car begins to take some real damage. And then the man is killed and the truck looks as though it slammed into a brick wall. She’s crying, but maybe she feels better now that the anger has passed. “Vive Le Roi” is from Five Knives The Rising EP.
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Little Daylight “Glitter & Gold”

The focus of this video would seem to be the simple diamond shape. The shape that is nothing more than a square tilted on point. I would say that it has more to do with getting out of the box, or your comfort zone. We find a young man who is under his sheets in bed scribbling in a notebook. He begins by drawing diamonds. Then he writes some words. Peering out from the covers he sees a diamond on his door and trees in the diamond. He is teleported to a forest where trees have glowing diamond runes on them. There is also a cute girl. They experience a magic table lamp, or something. Anyways, it’s a pleasant little video that has to do with daydreaming and make believe. You can’t keep yourself locked away and expect someone to find you as though you were gold stuffed in a drawer, especially if the drawer is under water. We all want to be special, but we have to go out into the world so others can see that we are. “Glitter & Gold” is off of the Tunnel Vision EP by Little Daylight.
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Elton John “Home Again”

Elton John will have a new album out in September called The Diving Board. His latest single is for his track “Home Again”. The song title is self-explanatory. Elton is singing about going home. The video opens with a middle aged man in a suit looking rather distraught in his apartment. He’s ready to leave the city with his suit, a suitcase, and an old coin that comes flying by the side of his head. He sticks it in his pocket and leaves. He heads out of the city into the woods where he becomes a young man. Here he falls asleep for a bit under a tree before moving on. When he reaches the rocky shores, he is now a young boy. Yet, he keeps walking. The landscape is absolutely beautiful. It’s a long way home, and there is far less minutia around, but it’s worth it to go back. The song ventures into the idea that we are born at have a home, yet we yearn to get away and find our own lives. Sometimes, you put together a life that lacks a home, and you desire to go back to how it used to be. There are always problems, young or old, but if we could experience them in reverse order, life might get better with the years. The cinematography in this video is brilliant, and the song may leave you nostalgic for your youth and the happy memories you have.
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