Video Rewind 08.24.2012

Garbage “Big Bright World”

Garbage’s latest video comes for “Big Bright World” off their latest album Not Your Kind Of People. The feature is Shirley, and why shouldn’t it be. We get some shots of her in a house. We get some more shots of a cemetery and a church. This all leads up to a bunch of shots of the band jumping into a pool and swimming. Last time we saw them, they were hanging out at a beach. They feel more comfortable swimming in a pool. The video is shot in mostly black and white which diminishes the ability for the viewer to appreciate the big bright world that Shirley sings about.

Dinosaur Jr. “Watch The Corners”

“Watch the Corners” is the new video from Dinosaur Jr. which will be featured on their September release I Bet on Sky. You drop your daughter off at her job at the local grocery store. There she falls for her fellow coworker, and local badboy–perhaps the excitement comes from the fact that he’s not like her dad. Rather than building model airplanes, or believing that she watches Spongebob, this guy skateboards through the grocery store, and steals liquor. He also has a blurred out face. When she takes the step of sleeping with the blurry faced bad boy, she starts to get pixelated as well. Uh oh, what will dad do now? He goes crazy, until his little girl’s heart is broken. Then he goes totally crazy. Sort of.
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Trail and Ways “Mtn Tune”

Trail and Ways are the type of people who like the outdoors. If you’re into strapping rock climbing gear onto your back and bicycling out to your nearest rock formation for some defiance of gravity, then this video is for you. It looks like your typical couple having a relaxing afternoon picnicking atop rocks. It’s lovely how the gentleman lets the lady go first. Maybe he doesn’t trust her to hold his safety line.
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Mike Coykendall “The Hippie Girl”

Mike Coykendall’s latest song is from his album On Chasing Away The Dots. The song features some well-known people, but none of them appear in the video. It’s rather obvious what this video is about. The hippie girl does what we figure all hippie girls do. She roams the wilderness in a dress. She skips across rocks to cross a river. She frolics in the fields. She spins around by some bales of hay. Yes, God should bless the hippie girl. Let’s hope if a train rolls down those tracks she can cartwheel her way off in time to save her life.
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Minus the Bear “Steel and Blood”

Minus the Bear’s “Steel and Blood “ is set to be released on their new album Infinity Overhead next Tuesday. We can see the video today. You’re young and having sex with the girl you apparently love. You’re also unemployed and have no money or desire to work. They don’t admit it, but I’m pretty sure the young man takes his girl and breaks into his father’s house. His dad has money. After sleeping with the girl and breaking some things, and even peeing on father’s bed, daddy comes home. Naturally, boy wonder decides to greet daddy with a golf club. When he takes things too far, daddy can thank the girl for saving his life, but she may have killed his son. Oh, what a tangled web we weave.
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