Video Rewind 09.14.2012

Azure Ray “Scattered Like Leaves”

I seem to focus mostly on the bag of clothes that I assume someone threw out, the telescope, the box of photos, and the glass of wine. My mind puts together some metaphor about moving on; how one person tries to forget their memories so they can live in the now. Something gets left behind which someone else finds and makes use out of. How we should always be looking forward, hence the telescope. Some cool visuals in this one. “Scattered Like Leaves” appears on Azure Ray’s As Above, So Below.
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The Raveonettes “The Enemy”

The Raveonettes new video for “The Enemy” reminds me of something that my great aunt had. It looked like a speaker for a stereo from the 70’s, only the front was not that speaker covering material but plastic. You turned it on and these colors would move all around it. I think it was rather psychedelic considering how old it must have been. I’d sit there and watch it for hours on end when there were no other children around to play with. Also, I’ve got the notion that it is easy to love someone and turn out to be the enemy, so the song resides with me on that level. Like the song, like the video, love the band. “The Enemy” is courtesy their new album Observator.

California Wives “Purple”

Most appealing part of this video is the artwork included. We see California Wives and plenty of televisions. While we see plenty of the band we also get to see tons of artwork created by fans of the band. It’s cool to let the people get in on the creative aspect of trying to promote your work. Maybe you did some work for the video. If you did, let us know. “Purple” appears on their album Art History.
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Tilly and the Wall “Defenders”

Recently I heard that Vermont is looking to push for cessation from the Union. This made me laugh. I’m sorry Vermont, or any Vermonter that really wants this to happen. If it were to come to some sort of military operation–and no I do not think that will ever happen–this is the army I would imagine Vermont to put forward. There’s something Mad Max about this video. It’s great to see, everyone playing dress up and the message of the song is a good one, too. You gotta be who you are. Don’t let anyone change you. Be proud of yourself and keep growing. “Defenders” is off of Heavy Mood.

Far East Movement “Turn Up The Love”

Anytime Far East Movement show up, you know there’s gonna be some sweet jams. This song and video are about spreading the love. We get Far East Movement and some kickass street dancers. We also get images of fans doing good things, like helping old people with the trash. Best of all, the money the street dancers collect goes to someone who could use it in the end. Far East Movement are starting to earn a lot of respect from me. Not just for their music, but for their attitude. It’s clear that they like to have a good time, but they’re not all about partying and having fun. Well, maybe they are all about having fun, but they’re also about doing good for the world.

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