Video Rewind 09.20.2013

Drew Danburry “”Blake Henderson Taught Me that Teamwork makes the Dreamwork!””

Drew Danburry is a do it yourself kind of guy. He’s done a great deal of writing, recording, and releasing on his own while trying to become a paid musician. It’s no different with his new album Becoming Bastian Salazar which came out this week. A new single “Blake Henderson Taught Me that Teamwork makes the Dreamwork!”was released with a video. The video, too, is do it yourself. We see Danburry plucking away on an acoustic guitar singing the song on a couch in what looks to be his backyard. The couch, on fire actually, could very well be his couch. It’s a little funny, yet scary considering the possibilities of how wrong this could have gone, to see Drew edging forward as the heat of the flames crept ever closer. He finishes off the set, until the entire back of the couch goes up in flames, when he kneels on the ground. Upon finishing the song, he tosses the guitar back onto the burning sofa and almost immediately we hear the crack of wood and the bursting of string.
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Solange “Lovers in the Parking Lot”

Solange has a new ep out called True. The latest single off that ep is “Lovers in the Parking Lot”. For the video, Solange stays in her hometown of Houston, Texas. She performs for the video in various empty buildings as business is closing for the day. It appears as though she is in some shopping mall, an arcade, a jewelry or pawn shop, and even a wheel store to get your sweet chromes at. Aside from some great sneakers with laces that light up, we get Solange dancing. She doesn’t do anything too fancy or risqué, and it’s awesome to see the man at the wheel shop join in as though he were a backup dancer. Still, these are places that she may have frequented even before her career took off. So it’s nice to see her being comfortable and herself in a video that shows off more of where she’s from than just saying “this is how awesome I am, just look at the budget spent on the video”. Nice job Solange.
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Black Light Dinner Party “Sons and Lovers”

Black Light Dinner Party are set to release a new album Sons and Lovers on September, 24th. The title track has a video that came out this week. It’s an animated piece that follows the life a man. It’s done using photos and projections, and recordings. At the start he’s watching an old film reel. We see his parents get together. His mother played piano and his dad wrote some music. That’s how they met and it goes off from there. They have a kid. The mother teaches him piano. She’s gone a lot for some reason. The boy gets older, learns to play guitar, and goes off to college. He starts a band there, quite successfully. Then his mother falls ill and dies. While she is sick he focuses on writing a song on the piano. It’s clear he’s writing for his mother. The video ends with him playing piano on his lonesome, now an older man. It just goes to show, we always need our mothers.
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MGMT “Cool Song No. 2”

MGMT have a self-titled album out currently. Their new single from the album is “Cool Song No. 2”. The video features Michael K. Williams of Boardwalk Empire fame. Williams is a sort of drug dealer. He cuts up a cactus like plant and makes drugs out of the sap. As a twist, he has a lover who is slowly turning into a plant from using the drug. This sends Williams on a rampage to try and find a cure for the sickness. In the end, not only does the lover die, but Williams himself starts to turn. It’s a bit of Blow meets District 9. The visuals are rich in colors while showing a glamorous lifestyle put on hold by the suffering and dying of a loved one.

Jars Of Clay “Fall Asleep”

Jars of Clay release Inland on August 27th. Their latest single from the album is “Fall Asleep”. The video revolves around the story of a jilted bride. Or perhaps just a bride with cold feed on her wedding day. It doesn’t seem to be very clear. She’s in her wedding dress but submerged in a bathtub. Her cell phone rings saying home is calling but she refuses to answer. She dunks her head in and pictures herself floating in a large body of water. What’s most astounding about this video is the slow capture of water as it is flung in the air, and the surface tension that is created as something breaks the surface. Water is a funny thing, wanting to stick to a foreign surface only a little more than it wants to stick to itself. When in air, it’ll pull into a drop of water that is round, but not perfectly. As the bride breaks her face up out of the tub, you can see the water holding onto her face but sliding off, until only a few drops remain. In the same way life and its experiences are bound to us. Life clings to you only slightly more than it clings to other things. Even when you break free of a bad situation, the scars remain beautifully if you have the courage to show them.

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