Video Rewind 09.21.2012

Eric Turner vs Avicii “Dancing in My Head (Tom Hangs Remix)”

You meet a pretty girl at the club. You gotta make the move and ask her to dance, at the very least. Otherwise she might actually get stuck in your head and you can’t go down into the basement and remove your brain. If you could, this is what life would be more like. We’d be stalked by our brains. The new video for Eric Turner vs Avicii is a hoot. There are times where we feel like we just need to get away from our brains. And just like this, we can’t.
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Dragonette “Live In This City”

If this video doesn’t prove it, you don’t know what cool is. Dragonette are pretty sweet. Even in this denim clad video, Dragonette show why they rock. The dance moves are great and the toughness displayed by the group shows you don’t wanna mess with the. Canadian tuxedos and all, it’s a shame there aren’t more people joining the band to rock out. “Live In This City” appears on their latest release Bodyparts.
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The Soundmen featuring All Dom Wrong “Funny Feeling”

Follow the life of a surfer in reverse. Quite literally. We see our beach athlete in reverse walking from the ocean back towards where he started his sojourned. Along the way we watch the scenery unfold also in reverse. What do we learn? This guy goes a pretty long way to get to the beach and it all starts with him waxing the board.
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Ben Folds Five featuring Fraggle Rock “Do It Anyway”

Cameo of the week has to be from this video by Ben Folds Five featuring the cast of Fraggle Rock. Who can forget Uncle Traveling Matt? Not this guy. As the Fraggles go above ground, they come into the studio where Ben Folds Five is recording their song. Some friendly fun-loving chaos ensues yet everything turns out all right. Haven’t been this excited for a video since Weezer worked with The Muppets on “Keep Fishing”. “Do It Anyway” is off of The Sound of the Life of the Mind.
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The Deadline Shakes “Sweeten The Deal”

You would think with this video that the sweetening of the deal had to do with flowers or perhaps it’s the low-grade firework visuals. The song is poppy and the video is fun as well. They go outdoors, and indoors, and all the while ponder how to sweeten the deal. The Deadline Shakes didn’t do anything drastic for this video, but the song is great on it’s own and it’s always exposure that you’re looking for. If you didn’t know what the Scottish band looked like before, you do now.
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