Video Rewind 09.28.2012

Only Son “Kick ‘Em Out”

For Only Son, this song is an Autumn song. More realistically it’s a breakup song. Our protagonist awakens one fine, crisp Autumn morning and just leaves, taking only his guitar along. Well, it’s not really his guitar. It’s his guitar case filled with the items of his now left behind love. He walks along burying them while she follows close behind. Now comes the twist. Is it her belongings he tries to get rid of, or someone else’s? Watch the video and figure it out. “Kick ‘Em Out” appears on Only Son’s Searchlight.

Friends With The Help “A DJ You Will Like”

The advancement of laptops has given us all the capability to become DJs but there was a time when it took some mastering turntables. Friends With The Help feature such a DJ, K-Rec. In their video for “A DJ You Will Like”, Friends With The Help take the stage for a live performance. Although the video doesn’t feature much in terms of storyline or fancy effects, we do get to see a DJ who does more than just push play.

Grizzly Bear “Yet Again”

Grizzly Bear’s new video for “Yet Again” features a figure skater. She falls down while spinning and finds herself through the ice and under water. The does not deter her from continuing on with her spins and twirls while she sinks ever further down. No fear, readers, she makes it out on the shore of a lake. From there she traverses on her skates to an amusement park. This is not the road to the Olympics that most athletes take. We continue to follow her as she struggles to make it back home or perhaps she’s on her way to finish her routine. Either way, she’s pretty depressed and who could blame her. The amusement park shuts down before she could go on any rides. I’m almost entirely certain that when she freaks out, it’s all about missing the rides and cotton candy.
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Colin Munroe featuring Pusha T “The Fight of My Life”

This is what political campaigns should look like. Colin Munroe gets on camera and shows his dark side. He let’s everyone know about the bad but that he’s willing to step up to the fight of his life. Shot in black and white, the video features a series of visuals that are intriguing. We keep returning to Colin standing there quite seriously telling us all about how he’s up for whatever. Sparks, fighters, crucifixes, breasts, and all kinds of interesting things make their way into the video. “The Fight of My Life” appears on Colin Munroe’s mixtape Unsung Hero.
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Smokey Robotic “Schizophrenic DJ”

This song is literally about a schizophrenic DJ, covered in paint, out in the wild wielding sharp weapons. There’s some aspect of psychedelic overtones to this video. It’s interesting to watch because sometimes I think this is how schizophrenics view the world. It can’t be easy to hear and see things as they really aren’t. Luckily for us, neither of the DJs in Smokey Robotic are schizophrenic, I think.

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