Video Rewind 10.05.2012

YONAS “Don’t Give A Damn”

Anyone feel like going for a swim? This isn’t the environment where YONAS grew up. In the song he admits that he grew up in a city where they used to say “Fuck the cops.” Life has turned out pretty good for YONAS: plastic red cups, sun glasses, a swimming pool, liquor, etc. Life must be some kind of party for YONAS. If so, good for him. He doesn’t give a damn. The only thing that bothers me about the video is that he says, “This is my heart and soul.” As he says that you see shots of him partying. Hard to believe his heart and soul are partying, but maybe that’s what he wants us to know. He’s clearly rolling. All I know is I wanna be at a pool party.
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Zion I “Human Being”

There are some funny visuals in Zion I‘s video for “Human Being.” Take the gentleman standing there with a hose just watering the concrete. I also like the shot of the kid on Zumbi’s shoulders. His look is blank, priceless, and adorable all in one. Also, if you give Zion I an empty garage and they’ll turn it into a club-type scene where music and dancing take over. I really like the song and the video does it justice. We get to see Zumbi just hanging with his people. I’m sure he doesn’t know all of the people in the video, but it’s more of a relaxed environment that does make him seem like a human being. I mean, this ain’t no Lil’ Wayne video where the star looks larger than life and untouchable. What’s wrong with that? Nothing. “Human Being” Is off of Zion I’s album ShadowBoxer.

Hey Sholay “My Blood”

The video for Hey Sholay‘s “My Blood” starts to feel like you’re just following a gentleman in a feathered headdress of different colors and a guitar from behind. Suddenly, he turns into an interpretive dancer, but you’re still watching him from behind. In a way I guess it is suggestive of him giving his blood, or in this instance his all in this performance. The line where he admits he frustrated makes sense as well. He’s walking around putting on a performance, and yet no one is paying him any mind. Makes me think of the street performers and how they must feel when no one is offering them any coin. “My Blood” is off of Hey Sholay’s ((O)).
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MEN “Let Them Or Let Me In”

If you’re not familiar with Pussy Riot over in Russia and why they are being detained, go look it up. If you do, then congratulations on being well-read. Well, with a name like Pussy Riot it only makes sense that a band named MEN should write a song to stand up for them. The video features footage of Pussy Riot getting into hot water in Russia. I think the final straw may have been when they set fire to an image of Vladimir Putin. Interspersed into the video are black and white clips of women walking from behind some fencing, and rows of people standing in white outfits. The people standing in rows is clearly an homage to the former Communist ways of Russia and how everyone was forced under control of the government. What I wonder is if MEN are really serious when they say that they want Pussy Riot out, or let MEN in. I guess we’ll never find out.

Menomena “Plumage”

This is class warfare if I’ve ever seen it. Two men: one looks like he hangs out down by the river for fun, work, and life and the other could be in a GQ magazine. The walk towards eachother; it’s the longest walk I’ve ever seen video footage of. Then weapons enter the fray. What appears to be some trained military sniper versus your average weekend hunter. It culminates with a boxing glove and a trophy versus a dumbbell and a rocket launcher. Then we find our protagonist and antagonist, pick which is which because it really doesn’t matter, standing just as they did in the beginning. Two grown men in their underwear. It’s a peaceful ending. I guess the message is the things we have are basically plumage that differentiate us visually. When you get down to it, we’re all just human beings. “Plumage” is off of Menomena’s new album entitled Moms.
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