Video Rewind 10.11.2013

The Hidden Cameras “Gay Goth Scene”

The Hidden Cameras will be releasing a new album next year AGE. Their latest release will be off the album and is called “Gay Goth Scene”. The song and video center around a young man who is on the verge of killing himself. I say this, because even though the video implies that he does, we never see a dead body. What we find is a troubled young man who is unhappy. His mother doesn’t pay him much attention because there is a younger sibling that takes all her time. Boys at school take his money and make him kiss their shoes. The popular girls laugh at him for being gay simply because another boy smiles at him. Maybe he is gay, maybe he isn’t. It all takes a turn for the worst when the school day ends and he just tries to walk away. The boys show up and start throwing water balloons filled with paint at him, even coaxing the young man who seems to have a crush on him to join in. The video starts with all these characters standing in the woods where the video ends. We find the mother crying while holding the baby, the popular girls looking blank, the bullies and the nice boy standing around until the nice boy gets angry and shoves the pack leader. What we don’t see is the boy dead. The video leaves us with the main character holding a bottle of prescription pills he stole from home. He doesn’t smile once in the whole video. The only thing more heartbreaking than that is the fact there are many children who live this every day.
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The Lumineers “Submarines”

The Lumineers continue to get a heavy push for their self-titled debut album. Their latest video is for “Submarines”. It is an animated feature done by Nicholas Sutton Bell, Neil Dvorak, and Michael Oshins. It’s about an old sailor who is trying to deal with what he’s been through. I believe it follows the song fairly well insomuch as it tells of a man who did something amazing, but doesn’t get people to believe him when recounting it. He’s also struggling with the truth of what happened. In his younger days he was diving in one of those old deep sea suits that basically turn a person into a metal robot-looking thing. A battalion of submarines approaches and shoots a torpedo at him. The blast doesn’t kill him, but severs his life line and sends him to the briny deep. After a short hallucination he picks up a triton and starts to loose mines off the ocean’s bottom. As the mines travel up they start to take out the submarines. He singlehandedly saves the day. And now, he drinks to forget what has happened. Many of our war heroes find themselves the same way. They are haunted by what they’ve done and seen, and are unable to talk about it.
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Cut Copy “Free Your Mind”

Cut Copy’s new album Free Your Mind is available for preorder now. They’re latest release is the album’s title track. The video features Alexander Skarsgard (You’re welcome ladies and gentlemen who enjoy looking at his bare chest, we don’t just feature boobs here). Alex, as I like to call him, is a cult leader. He’s got a great life. A big house out on some great land. A bevy of disciples who seem to worship him. Well, there is one guy who doesn’t seem to like that Alex has quieted the barking dog. It makes sense, just watch. A new disciple gets baptized in a swimming pool. She ends up having sex with the barking dog guy. This seems to upset Alex. Next morning she kisses Alex in the kitchen, but Alex only eyes the guy she slept with. That mean man is glaring back at Alex. So, Alex removes his robe, and his pants, and goes running off into the horizon in only his underwear. As a cult leader, he finds he has to free his mind from those that he is freeing around him. Plus, his heart is broken.
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Bastille “Of The Night”

Bastille’s upcoming albume is All This Bad Blood due out November 25th. Their latest release is “Of the Night”. The song samples and plays off of both Snap!’s “Rhythm is a Dancer” and Corona’s “The Rhythm of the Night”. While both songs were dance jams meant to get people to dress up fancy late at night and go sweat as they grinded on strangers, the video for “Of The Night” gives a different take. It follows a police detective who gets called to investigate murder and suicides in the middle of the night. He, too, gets up when the sun is down and dons a suit to go to work. It’s a depressing lifestyle that takes its toll on the detective who joins the deceased when he kills himself in his bathroom. But don’t let that get you down, the song is really good.
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Janelle Monae featuring Miguel “PrimeTime”

Janelle Monae is back with her third album The Electric Lady. She’s still bringing her sci-fi, android tales through amazing songs. I can’t imagine what would happen if she joined Deltron 3030, but it could destroy the world. Her latest single is “PrimeTime” which features Miguel. For the video, Janelle reprises her role as Cindi Mayweather while Miguel plays her first love Joey Vice. Cindi is a waitress at the Electric Sheep Nightclub. She gets to program and turn on the strippers, but just by adjusting their settings. Don’t get all perverted on me. Joey is visiting the club. I personally like the way that Cindi does flirt with Joey from across the room, but she won’t let him see her smile. Even after he grabs her hand as she serves him, she just pulls away. As she walks back to the bar she has a big old cheesy grin. Now, Cindi gets in trouble because one of the customers gets a little grabby as she serves. She flips out at the manager, slams her tray, and walks out. Joey finds her and takes her somewhere else where a band is playing. Then they find themselves on a rooftop, and let the love begin. This video is everything a sci-fi romance should be. Apparently the song doesn’t sample The Pixies track “Where Is My Mind?” but it does sound similar to it. Great song, rocking video.
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