Video Rewind 10.12.2012

Killer Mike “Reagan”

It’s election season here in the States. Everybody has an opinion, even if their opinion is that they don’t care to share one. Killer Mike takes us back quite a ways to when Ronald Reagan was president. It appears as though Killer Mike has himself a conspiracy theory. Long story short, Killer Mike believes it doesn’t matter who’s president because that person is just a puppet. Hard to argue since there is always something wrong going on. For the video, Killer Mike has some interesting animation going on. It’ll definitely keep your eyes on the screen. Pay attention to the lyrics as well. You don’t want to miss what Killer Mike has to say.
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Sleeper Agent “That’s My Baby”

Off of their debut album Celebrasion we get Sleeper Agent’s “That’s My Baby”. I really enjoy the song, falling for its catchiness immediately. The video seems a little silly. A woman gets up at a bar to sing some karaoke. Somewhere in the middle she’s joined by whom I presume to be her boyfriend. They start to argue but here’s the twist: some dark figures appear and kidnap the woman, jumping into the greenscreen backdrop and running off into one of the landscapes. Absurd, but fun to watch.

Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros “Child”

I never wanted to grow up. I wanted to stay a child forever. Life doesn’t allow for that. Instead you get older, your body starts to hurt, your head gets cloudy, and life just starts to become drab. In the video for “Child” by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, we find an old man in a hospital on his deathbed. He begins to remember a little girl he had a crush on when he was young. The girl takes him out of the hospital and down memory lane. What we see is the old man running around and having fun with the little girl. I often wish I could have that kind of fun just as I did when I was boy. Something always gets in the way. I keep telling myself when I have a child, or perhaps children, I’ll be able to find that thing that makes running with your arms straight out fun. It’s a little sad, but it’s also touching. If anything, this man’s memory makes whatever else happened in his life worth it.

P!nk “Try”

Lately I’ve been itching to learn how to dance. When you see a couple who knows how to dance, it’s amazing how a talented male can make a female look dazzling. In P!nk’s video for “Try”, she and a male dancer put on a wonderful performance. They are clearly dancing while incorporating moves that look as though the couple are fighting. It’s an interesting video filled with wonderful visuals and awesome choreography. “Try” is off of P!nk’s The Truth About Love.

Wordsmith “Essence of Life”

Have you ever been to Baltimore, Maryland? Well, have you ever seen it through the eyes of Wordsmith? If not, the video for “Essence of Life” will show you his home as he sees it. The same city that commemorates Francis Scott Key has homes filled with lead paint. As one mural on a wall puts it, “This city needs a hug.” I think every city has things in common with other cities. We see a shot of an ambulance with lights blaring, an emergency. Then we see a sign advertising a company that can help people with bad credit. We’re all the same when it comes to stress and mood. We all go to bed hoping for a better tomorrow. “Essence of Life” is off of Wordsmith’s album titled King Noah.

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