Video Rewind 10.19.2012

Heartless Bastards “Marathon”

In their video for “Marathon” from their album Arrow, Heartless Bastards take a classic like “Wizard of Oz” and put their own spin on it. Dorothy is driving through town, let’s call it Oz. On the way she picks up the hitch-hiking Scarecrow, who is for reasons I don’t understand waving a lit flare, as well as the Tinman, and the Cowardly Lion, who is balance-beam walking along the train tracks. This Lion is not a coward. Toto appears along the way as well. We all know how this story ends. Dorothy always makes it home.
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Youngblood Hawke “We Come Running”

As I watch this video, all I can think of is that this is what life would be like if Youngblood Hawke were in the Coast Guard. They’re speeding along on the front of a boat. It could be an emergency in the water. Right down to the band jumping in with their instruments. Or maybe this is just a video of their scuba diving extravaganza. Either way, the cold air is coming to the Northeast and it’s good to see someone enjoying warm weather and the cool sea. Also, the sharks. I wanna swim with sharks.
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The Mountain Goats “Cry For Judas”

At the end of Jon Krakauer’s novel Into the Wild, the protagonist Chris McCandless strives to make it to the Alaskan wilderness and live on his own. His journey crosses paths with a multitude of characters who all want to share life with him. Chris is determined to survive on his own, to live on his own, and pushes everyone away. When he is ready to return, the river that he crosses to reach his goal has flooded and he cannot pass. He winds up dying alone in the wilderness, but not before he shares one last word of wisdom left written in his journal. He writes, “Happiness only real when shared.” In my opinion, that’s what The Mountain Goats video for “Cry For Judas” speaks volumes to it. It’s not so much what we do, but who we do it with. Starting a band, fixing a bicycle, even making a maze for mice, their all things that we can enjoy on our own. But having someone there with us makes it better. “Cry For Judas” is off of Transcendental Youth.
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M.Ward “Me and My Shadow”

In this video, the teen superstar is named Cam. He sure does resemble Justin Bieber. This Cam is seemingly controlled by some evil woman dressed in white. One of his female adorers who watches young Cam perform on Conan, sees the evil woman. Somehow she finds Cam in a car and rescues him. At least that’s what we assume. But Cam looks into a mirror and still sees her. Is he haunted by this woman who shoots laser beams into his eyes? Apparently so. “Me and My Shadow” are off of M.Ward’s A Wasteland Companion.
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Thee Oh Sees “Lupine Dominus”

I’ve never gone to a strip club. I often felt that somehow the usual riffraff would realize I don’t belong and cause trouble or perhaps I’d just rub someone the wrong way. It most certainly would not go down as this visit to the strip club in Thee Oh Sees’ “Lupine Dominus” video. I have to say, this one threw a curve. At first the gentleman sitting stage front is dropping money on the counter in hopes to draw the attention of one of the dancers. The biker sitting next to him is spilling his drink. The gentleman goes to dab the bikers inner thigh dry with a napkin. The biker gets upset, and storms off into the bathroom. The gentleman pursues. Here’s where you think you know what will happen but you don’t. Kudos to you Thee Oh Sees. You’ve really put a twist on this one. “Lupine Dominus” is off of Putrifiers II.
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