Video Rewind 10.26.2012

Lana Del Rey “Ride”

It plays out with the intensity of a Focus Features distribution. Lana Del Rey’s spoken word acts as the narration of the first half of the dream. How many of us have dreams of being beautiful poets? How easily those are dashed. We follow Lana as she plays a young woman who has made tons of mistakes. As Lana says, “My mother said I had a chameleon soul.” She explains she was born to be the other woman. We see her riding on motorcycles and even a tire swing. She’s just cruising through life. When she finally gets on stage, we see a different side of her–even her singing voice sounds more determined and low than her cutesy speaking voice. There are people like this who crave independence but can’t escape the human desire to be loved. “Ride” is off of Lana’s Born to Die – The Paradise Edition, due for release November 13th.
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Two Fingers “Vengeance Rhythm”

In the 80’s we had Teddy Ruxpin. 2012 brought us the film Ted about a teddy bear that comes to life. Now we have Two Fingers, alter ego ofAmon Tobin, bringing us another rendition of the teddy bear come to life. This video is the Highlander for stuffed animals–there can only be one! It is the most gruesome stop-motion anime I’ve ever seen. Undoubtedly, this is how the favorite teddy bear is chosen. “Vengeance Rhythm” is of off Two Fingers’ album, Stunt Rhythms

e-dubble “Down”

We get images of e-dubble dressed in a black hoodie in front of a black background. There is a light that shines down that he leans forward into from time to time. The other images show us wealthy people being apparently themselves: lighting up cigarettes, dressed in swanky clothing. A little girl plays in the attic with a dollhouse and a revolver. That’s the typical little girl childhood right there. I’m not entirely sure what this song or video are about. I do like them both. “Down” appears on e-dubble’s soon to be released EP, Reset.
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A Place To Bury Strangers “And I’m Up”

We first saw some teddy bear carnage. Then we got “Down”. Now we have A Place to Bury Strangers‘ “And I’m Up” and some more toy destruction. A firework extravaganza takes us through the death of one toy after another. We get to watch plastic melt and then rewind a bit and see it un-melt. Little puppy dogs that move on their own do so after being handled by an arsonist, apparently. There’s no other way to describe this other than toy apocalypse. Hide your G.I. Joes and Cabbage Patch Dolls. No one will survive. “And I’m Up” appears on Worship which dropped back in June.
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Ellen and the Escapades “Without You”

In Ellen and The Escapades‘ new video “Without You,” we get doodles on a page. Then two castles are magically built across form one another. A battle commences that matches two wits against each other as the terrain changes and armies must be altered. Winter comes bringing a truce. In the end, we find out the world ends in fire; a volcano takes us home or at least to the point where the man waves the white flag. Sorry boys.
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