Video Rewind 11.02.2012

The Heavy “Can’t Play Dead”

The last I heard of The Heavy was their single “How You Like Me Now”. This past Wednesday was Halloween. In honor of that, The Heavy give us this video for “Can’t Play Dead”. It’s mixes stop-motion animation and silent horror movies. Voodoo, zombies, and a mad woman come into play. Also we get to see the band performing in something that would suit The Nightmare Before Christmas rather well. “Can’t Play Dead” is off of their latest album The Glorious Dead.
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DZ Deathrays “Cops Capacity”

This video is definitely saying something about police officers. I’m not sure if it’s also saying something about dogs. The video follows two dogs as actual police officers. Though these dogs are men in dog costumes. To follow them, you’d have to say these cops are not out for the best good of the people. They vandalize, arrest at their own discretion, perform inappropriate searches, and take things. I mean, these cops are out of control. “Cops Capacity” is off of DZ DeathraysBloodstreams.
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Terraplane Sun “Get Me Golden”

So you show up to play in a bar in Puppet Mexico. How do you expect to be greeted? By having bottles and glasses thrown at you? How would you respond? By jamming and getting the drunk Mexican puppets up and dancing. Man can those puppets dance! “Get Me Golden” is off of Terraplane Sun’s Friends EP.

Free Energy “Electric Fever”

Free Energy‘s instruments are all white to start this video then they get splashed with water. Follow that up with what I’m guessing is a dash of baking soda. Finally, let the paint bombs come. Now, all that was white is a pretty rainbow. Thank goodness they’re all wearing goggles. They endure all this without missing a beat. I’m not sure if they’ll ever try to make a video like this again. I also hope they got it all on the first take. “Electric Fever” will appear on Love Signs due out in January.
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The Gaslight Anthem “Here Comes My Man”

We’ve all dreamed about being in movies. Elisha Cuthbert dreams about being in a movie in this video. She’s a girl who isn’t at all happy with her man. She goes to see a movie–it’s some sort of romance. She pictures herself in the movie. That’s what finally makes her see she needs to move on. When the movie ends, her man is waiting there for her with yellow flowers–something we see in the movie–but she keeps on walking. She believes her man is coming, he just hasn’t entered the story yet. “Here Comes My Man” is off of The Gaslight Anthem‘s Handwritten.
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