Video Rewind 11.13.2015

Zhu featuring Skrillex and THEY “Working For It”

Zhu, Skrillex, and THEY all combined their efforts for the track “Working for It”. The video is an animated feature that focuses mostly on the colors black and white. There are little spots of red where appropriate. The video’s story centers around a letter written by a woman. She’s killed but the letter is mailed out. The person who receives the letter is then chased. It’s all about his letter, and though we see the woman penning the letter, we can’t make out the words. It must be pretty damning if so many people die for it.

Celldweller “Down to Earth”

Celldweller’s video for “Down To Earth” leaves me arguing back and forth with myself over who is the good guy, and who is the villain? The animated feature has two primary characters. One is at his unreasonably tall tower. He is faceless, but built like a Mr. Olympia contestant. He has a magic glowing orb. The other character is some kind of robot that has two monitors rather than a head. This characther manipulates a chip and inserts it into a spaceship. The spaceship flies to the tower and destroys it. An army of monitor heads marches out, collects the orb, and return it back to the ship. Who is the villain? Who is the hero? I don’t know, but it’s quite the visual.

White Reaper “Make Me Wanna Die”

White Reaper’s “Make Me Wanna Die” music video isn’t about wanting to commit suicide. At least not in a normal way. It’s all about the Grim Reaper deciding he’s done with work. It’s not like he lives a particularly healthy lifestyle, but then again taking people from the world of the living to the dead doesn’t sound like fulfilling work. What we get is a skeleton out for nothing short of a very good time. But even for death this lifestyl doesn’t work. You have to have purpose to find meaning.

Miike Snow “Heart is Full”

Miike Snow’s track “Heart is Full” is a song about desiring a person but not wanting them to break your heart. The video for the track is a tale of revenge. We find ourselves in some futuristic Japanese city. Our heroine is dressed in a leathery Aeon Flux outfit with a red wig on. She has control over a chain that has a deers head, or something with antlers. She takes out her target and lets others know what she has done. This all comes to head with a battle. See for yourself who wins. Just know, if someone loves you that better mean something.

Tim Maxx & Jamie Lee Wilson “Sticks & Stones”

Tim Maxx and Jamie Lee Wilson recorded the track “Sticks & Stones” together. The song is about not letting others or the world around you bring you down. That’s easier said than done, especially after people you care about leave your life. You wind up very alone. The path out of it is to focus on yourself. The woman in the video finds herself again through music and dance. Here, she comes to understand that she is resilient, capable, and deserving of everything she dreams of. You have to find peace with yourself before you can the one who will help you blaze trails.

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