Video Rewind 11.16.2012

Icona Pop “We Got The World”

So, as the song suggests, Icona Pop got the world. What do Icona Pop do with the world? They do whatever the fuck they want. They like to perform, hang out with strippers, drive while hanging out of their car, and walk the desert. They like other things too, I’m sure. All I can say is God bless them. To be young and successful must be wonderful. The video is fun, filled with many things to do on a Saturday night for me. Or if you’re into what Icona Pop do, probably any night can be filled with such tomfoolery.
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Hey Sholay “Dreamboat”

Hey Sholay are back with their video for “Dreamboat”. The video features Hey Sholay in KISS style face paint and choreography that belongs on Broadway. Ok, so that second part is false. It is still quite the performance, and quite frankly with the blank stares of the audience–also in KISS face paint–I’d have to say any performance would fall short of pleasing them. I really hope they shot those dance moves in one take. I’d like to think of Hey Sholay being so gifted as to get this right the first time. To waste hours or days trying to choreograph this video would seem ridiculous. It is better they had fun while donning serious faces. I mean, the breaks in between shots must have been riddled with chuckling. “Dreamboat” is featured on the band’s album ((O)).
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WHY? “Paper Hearts”

How many ways can you make a man look? I mean in both ways. They dress Yoni Wolf in various outfits while also showing that his neck works by allowing him to look up, down, to both sides, and all around. Quite frankly I think this works because it pairs his choppy lyrics with choppy cuts to each shot of him saying one word at a time. If he didn’t have these lyrics memorized before the video, he sure does now. They made him repeat this several times. Once for each costume, I’m sure. I have nothing but admiration for whoever edited this video. It must’ve taken a long time. “Paper Hearts” appears on WHY?’s Mumps, etc.

Atlas Genius “Trojans”

To be an awkward young boy is difficult. You want acceptance, but it can be difficult to find. As the young man in this video finds out, you have to be comfortable with yourself before anyone else can be comfortable with you. He means well, playing with his toy animals. He even tries to share them with two young girls, but when you’re unwanted you are indeed unwanted. As he gets older, he finds a companion and that’s supposed to make everything great. It does, but life also remains difficult. All relationships take work, and it is hard to let someone go. Particularly difficult is realizing that someone has left Trojans in your head. Now the immature readers might go automatically to the condoms. That’s great, keep giggling. For the rest of us, we are aware of how the Greeks built a giant wooden horse, stowed themselves inside of it, awaited for the horse to be wheeled into the city of Troy, after which they jumped out and took the city. I’m probably totally wrong on this, but the way I see it the Trojans were excellent at fortifying their city. The case in the song and the video is that this woman’s Trojans have fortified his brain. She’s captured him. There is nothing beyond her. Such is love. “Trojans” appears on Atlas GeniusThrough The Glass.
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Book Club “Oh! You Lied”

I was just talking about Gumby today. “Oh! You Lied” features a character cut from the same cloth as Gumby–or to be more precise, the same clay substance but in a shade of brown. This guy is upset, but I can’t see why. If beer fell from the sky I’d be excited. I would also be drunk. Free beer falling from the sky is a bad idea but this guy gets everything for free. Just check out how much a hot air balloon ride is. He gets one for free. All right, to be honest things do get pretty rough for this little dude. After plummeting to the Earth, he falls into the ocean and winds up finding refuge on a giant floating glass bottle. In a way, I guess you can say this is how it feels when you are lied to. You expect one thing, and then come to find a complete other thing. And there is the feeling of being let down, or plummeting to the Earth. Oh, Book Club, you guys are wonderful. “Oh!You Lied” appears on Shapes on the Water, which released this week.
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