Video Rewind 11.22.2013

Flume and Chet Faker “Drop the Game”

Flume and Chet Faker are two of Australia’s young and talented artists. After collaborating together on “Left Alone”, the two decided to work on a three song EP titled Lockjaw which will be out November 26th. “Drop the Game” is one of the songs featured on that EP. The video for it was shot in Brooklyn, New York with Brooklyn’s own Storyboard P providing his trademark street dancing. He literally looks as though he is skating on the pavement. He slows his movements down to match the tempo of the song which sort of has him looking like a figure skater. The cool thing is that they didn’t shut the street he was performing on down so you do get the occasional car, bus, or bicyclist coming through the scene. They don’t stop filming but work around what is coming their way.
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Matt Pond “Starlet”

Matt Pond’s current album is The Lives Inside the Lines in Your Hand. His latest single is “Starlet”. The video is a little disjointed but seems to follow Matt and the image of him drowning. There’s plenty of water shots in this video which do look interesting. Pond himself is in a suit and walking hand in hand with a pretty lady. At times we see him and what looks to be someone shoving him into a tub of water to drown. At other times we see him in a large body of water just floating there. The image could that of Pond drowning himself, or dealing with self-sabotage which are themes of his album. To save the day is his pretty lady friend. It’s the totality of her going under and wrapping him up in both her arms that shows how important she is to him. Without her, he’d just drift forever.
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Arcade Fire “Afterlife”

Arcade Fire’s Reflektor is out now. One of the songs from the album is “Afterlife”. Their recent release for the video is a result of The Creators Project. The video centers around an immigrant father and his two sons. You can see that they all have issues and dealing with one another can become a tense affair. The missing piece is the mother who presumably passed away. Each, in his own way, remembers her in dreams. By the end of the video you see that she still indeed keeps them together. The father has fallen asleep watching tv. The younger boy has a nightmare so he comes to sleep on the couch. The older son sneaks out to a party, but when it’s broken up by the police comes home to fall asleep in the living room as well. It’s a story of not wanting to lose any more than you already have.
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A Great Big World featuring Christina Aguilera “Say Something”

A Great Big World gained notoriety with their single “This is The New Year” which was covered by the cast of Glee. Some time in 2014 the will release the album Is There Anybody Out There?. Their first single from the album is “Say Something” and features Christina Aguilera. The video features the band and Aguilera on a simple set. Intertwining with the trio alongside a piano we get three different stories. The first revolves around a young couple who are at the end of their relationship, it seems. They are lying in bed, not even acknowledging the other is alive. In the second scenario we get a little girl who jumps from her bed and hides underneath because her parents are fighting. The third segment deals with an elderly man who watches his wife die in a hospital bed. They all have things that they wish could go differently. All could have and should have said things to try and make their true intentions known. In the end the song and video teach us that if we have something to say to someone, we’d better say it.
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Galantis “Smile”

Composed of Miike Snow’s Christian Karlsson and Linus Eklow (Style of Eye), Galantis is a pop dance duo that look promising. Their first single is “Smile”. The video is sexually charged featuring plenty of skin and couples making out. It’s funny, because the video begins with closeups of faces. The people aren’t smiling here. It almost looks like they’re slightly yawning. Then later you notice that it’s less about smiling and more about displaying their “O” faces. It made me chuckle and brought a smile to my face. Hopefully it does the same for you.
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