Video Rewind 11.28.2014

Great Caesar “Still Love”

Great Caeser’s latest video is for “Still Love”. For much of the video we see a young boy and his grandmother. It’s clear the two are more than family, they’re actually good friends. Not only does grandma play with the boy, having water fights, dueling with lightsabers, and dancing to the boy’s beating of drums, but she also takes care of him. A knocked over vase that is broken but also cuts the boy’s hand leads to a gentle cleaning and bandaging rather than a scolding. The twist occurs when a car pulls up at night and an old man comes to the door with flowers. Grandma is going on a date, and the boy is not approving of this. He’s able to sneak out of the house with a lightsaber in hand, track his grandmother down, and save her. She wasn’t in real danger, rather someone else was around to draw her love away. Come back to this story in a few years, and we might see grandma succumbing to some young woman and letting her little boy go. But for now, he’s there to take care of her.

Skrillex “Fuck That”

Skrillex is back with a video for “Fuck That”. The video takes place in the Mid East, and revolves around a man looking for revenge. He’s in prison when we first meet him. He’s doing pull-ups and push ups and swinging hard punches. Clearly, with the determined look in his eyes, he’s getting ready for a fight. He is finally released, and things seem to be going well for him as his girlfriend is there to pick him up. They drive off, finally arriving to some kind of underground fighting ring at night. He goes in, takes part in a fight that seems personal once he mounts his opponent and proceeds to keep punching him in the head. This is when a man gets up and puts a gun to his head. His girlfriend panics, pulls out a gun of her own and shoots. Only, she hits her boyfriend. A car chase ensues that goes all they way into the desert. Here, the boyfriend bleeding out in the back notices a group of figures dressed all in black. The central figure has a golden box that is glowing. What’s in the box, and what the figure is are never explained. The men from the fight club run off in fear while the man at the center of this story passes away. It is only then that the figure with the box disappears as well. They say that revenge is sweet, and best served cold. That, my friends, is ice cream. Revenge gets you shot on the day you get out of prison.

Marika Hackman “Drown”

Water is a beautiful, mysterious, and terrifying thing. Oceans can be paradise get aways. They hide so much underneath them. But drowning in one is still a horrible possibility. In her video for “Drown”, Marika Hackman demonstrates that she is difficult to drown, and that things underwater look magical. For most of the video, Hackman is being held underwater by a hand. Sometimes she just floats there. Other times she is kicking and moving. It demonstrates that unusual balance of being weightless and having mass. Her hair floats up like tentacles covering the hand holding her down. This is just what hair does under water. Eventually she is let go, and peacefully sinks like a ship to the bottom. Only, she comes to kicking for the surface, where again a hand pushes her down. By the end, she is fighting to survive, and we see only her legs and a shoe that has come off. The lifeless object twists and turns before us, almost in slow motion doing a dance with laces as outstretched arms. Eventually, it falls off screen leaving only the blackness of the water. No more is Marika a mermaid. No more is the water a land of mystery. It is now only dark.

RL Grime featuring Djemba Djemba “Valhalla”

When we last saw a video from RL Grime it was for his song “Core”. That video featured futuristic helicopters gearing up. In his song “Valhalla” featuring Djemba Djemba we see the next chapter. The helicopters are joined by jets as they accompany a Crawler to a crater site. It seems the core of this planet has been breached and that energy is rapidly moving towards the surface. At the crater site, the helicopters circle it while the Crawler comes to its edge. We also have something called the Carrier Sarcophagus. All we see of it is an electronic screen. It appears to be humanoid in form, but we don’t really know. Once the Crater begins breaking up and an energy ball is unleashed, the fancy helicopters take fire at it. This is when the Valhalla protocol really kicks in. The Sarcophagus is opened. All the helicopters crash, and the Crawler looks destroyed. We then see communications between base camp and eyes on the mission. They don’t know what happened. All they see is destruction and a reading that says a void energy is moving south. The closing moments show an alert in the upper right corner of the screen indicating that a life signal is detected and the carrier containment has been breached. Does this mean the carrier is now super charged? We’ll be sure to keep a lookout for another futuristic sci-fi video from RL Grime.

Sleigh Bells featuring Tink “That Did It”

Sleigh Bells are back with a new video for “That Did It” featuring Tink. It starts out with Tink and Sleigh Bells hanging out a museum, I’m guessing. The color scheme here is black and out. From here we get a colorful hotel room, and other areas that have more color appeal to them. The outfits, the dancing, the feel of the video is one of two best friends who are wealthy and spoiled hanging out. It does have the air of two women trying to let you know they are the alpha females who run this place. The crispness of the hair, the cleanliness of the sets, and the way that the only animated people in the video are Alexis Krauss and Tink. The only other time we see people, they are standing there as still as the sculptures in the viewing room.

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