Video Rewind 12.21.2012

The Hush Now “I’m Always Broke in December”

What is more Christmasy than dressing up like Santa Claus and getting drunk? The Hush Now’s new song for the holidays touches on the more depressing aspect of the holidays. You get all excited, and for what? It’s all about buying gifts, and other bullshit. All people care about are what they get, not so much the spending of time together with family for the holidays. There’s one scene where a picture of Jesus falls down. Christmas is about the birth of Jesus. The focus of life goes on the Christmas tree, the decorations, the things we want. It is a bit disappointing when you think about it. In fact, The Hush Now aren’t just talking about their empty pockets come December. They’re also talking about their hollowed feelings. The video does remind us that 2013 is around the corner. We can cheer up then.

Hooray For Earth “Never/Figure”

What is clear in this video is that there is an automobile accident. The rest may all just be the hallucinations of a guy who needs to drive more carefully. What I do notice is how strange the helicopter ambulances are here. Where I live they strap you down on a gurney before putting you in a flying ambulance. This video demonstrates that they seat you in a seat aboard the helicopter and put an oxygen mask on you. The close of the video makes little sense as well. We appear to be ending with a scene more tailored for Russell Crowe’s A Beautiful Mind.

WHY? “The Water You Walk”

New England winters used to look like snowy paradises. Now they look very much like this video. They are cold and wet. We do have shoes. The premise to this video is that there is a magical woman on an island in the middle of the lake. Our hero dresses very warmly save for his feet which do not need shoes. He is part Hobbit, if you ask me. He rows out to the island and seeks out this lady in white. Or ladies in white as the case may be. Not a lot of walking on water, unless you consider walking on the small flakes of snow that have fallen on the ground walking on water. You do have to appreciate the water visuals. There is something about the trickling of water, both in sound and appearance that soothes the body and mind. I do know of one particular outing to a natural water source that left me feeling quite at peace. Even in the frigid temperature of December, I could see myself wrapped up in warm clothing and just resting in the presence of that running water.
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Krewella “Alive”

From the cold scenery of Wisconsin to this warm, barren land. Krewella’s new video is in a warmer climate. An abandoned home is the local for “Alive” which is a dance party track that does get the blood going. They are literally breaking things in this video, which doesn’t condone vandalism. They’re doing the community more of a service. Honestly, what is so wrong about covering up graffiti? The fire looks like it is up to code. Smokey the Bear would surely be proud. That fire won’t spread. This song should. What’s better than being alive, particularly on the day that many people think the world is going to end simply because the Mayans decided to stop counting on their ten fingers and toes? Honestly, why would anyone even want to count past 5,000 years? So when I wake up tomorrow, I’ll be playing Krewella’s “Alive” first thing in the morning.
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Total Warr “Where is My Mind?”

Only Total Warr would put the beat of Jay-Z and Alicia Key’s “Empire State of Mind” with their cover of The Pixies‘ “Where is My Mind?” For the most part their video looks like one of my parties. Only, there are two of them along with a guitar and keyboard and drums. I don’t even have a disco ball. I do have an ironing board. I think my favorite part of the song is Jay-Z’s “Yeah” being sampled every now and again. My favorite part of the video? When the party-goers are on screen there is a lovely chap dressed in white with what reminds me of a Van de Graaff generator. Next year for Halloween that’s what I’m dressing up as. Have a Merry Christmas Survivors of the Golden Age.

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