Video Rewind 12.7.2012

Dropkick Murphys “The Season’s Upon Us”

It’s December and that means Christmas is on its way. That means family get togethers and plenty of reason to be both excited and depressed. If there’s one thing that the Dropkick Murphys do its relate to the Irish-Americans of the world. Their video for “The Season’s Upon Us” clearly depicts the quintessential Irish-American Christmas. For many of us, it may also depict the quintessential Christmas we are used to. Look here Surviviors, we all know about stereotypes. There is a bit of truth to these stereotypes. More importantly, stereotypes run across borders and nationalities. Sit back and enjoy. This video is both festive and fun.

Tiga “Plush”

This is either utterly genius or the worst idea for a video ever. Tiga’s “Plush” features Tiga and four female models posing in front of a video camera. They do their best to sit still, though the poor girl on the viewer’s right just doesn’t have the muscle control to stand still enough. The only action in the video is the blinking eyes, because honestly, who can stare forever? I’d like to know why they didn’t just take a picture and run the music over that. I guess that’s what YouTube is for.
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Mice Parade “The River Has a Tide”

One word describes this video: bestiality. That’s not entirely true. What we have is stop-motion animation of a woman in a goat mask. She makes her way to a cave where she throws a bouquet of yellow flowers and poof, a man in a gorilla mask appears. That’s not what this video is about either. I really don’t know what’s going on. There is some great stop-motion animation going on with live human beings. I particularly like the trick of making the woman look like she’s just sliding along the ground.
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Eels “Peach Blossom”

The video for Eels’ “Peach Blossom” would be less entertaining without the brunette, shorthaired vixen running around in a dress and boots. She likes to play the tambourine. In fact, the name Peach Blossom might be an appropriate stripper name for her (not that she is a stripper). It’s a nice backdrop to the video where they chase one another in a garden with a cool fountain. Let’s just say that Eels have come a long way from “Novocaine for the Soul”.
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Flyleaf “Call You Out”

This video is kinda the reverse of Goldie Locks and the Three Bears. A bear comes out of his cave and goes rampant on the woods and villages. This is exactly what a bear would do. Only a stupid, blond haired little girl would walk into a stranger’s house and eat their food and use their things. Even if these bears are civilized, there should be bloodshed when they get home. Lucky for us–and the rabbits in the video–this story has a hero. I think that hero is a fox, but it may actually be a wolf. They band together and force the bear to the edge of a cliff where his massive weight causes the cliff edge to break off. He falls to his death. So the lesson here is that you don’t want to anger the masses unless you are thin enough to stand on the edge of a cliff without causing your imminent doom.
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