Video Rewind:01.27.2012

Back again with another Video Rewind. There were plenty this week to choose from, but here the five that caught my eye.

Secret Original “Arson”

Independent hip hop artist Secret Original gives us his first video for a track called “Arson”. It’s a video fitting of the song. It gives us shots of young adults as I think most people imagine them not to be as they should, but as they are. There is a party mentality that’s not so much about having a good time as just getting fucked up. I guess hip hop in general has taken that path which is unfortunate. But the question is does this song and video breath life imitating art, or art imitating life?
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Miley Cyrus “You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go”

Funny how young people are so eager to grow up. I have to admit, because of her Disney beginnings, and the fact that she was a teenager when she started performing, but I’ve never thought much about Miley Cyrus. Particularly when she got a bit of emancipation and more control over her music. She became your typical party-going teen. Just out to have fun, and she was wealthy enough to do it. But I have to say, there is something about this song that is appealing. Cyrus doesn’t sound like her normal self. She sounds older, singing about a more serious topic. But the video is just her singing with musical accompaniment. There’s nothing flashy. It’s just down to earth, a place I thought she had forgotten. But maybe singing about heartbreak, or actually going through it, have a way of refocusing your life.
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Cloud Nothings “No Future/No Past”

Co-produced by Urban Outfitters is the video for Cloud Nothings‘ “No Future/No Past”. You follow a middle aged man as he hovers on his back, face up nonetheless, out of his house and on his way. It’s an interesting watch. Particularly when it seems like the terrified look on the man’s face is because he is looking right at you. I have a feeling it’s a philosophical work. But don’t quote me on that.
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Town Hall “The Middle”

Whenever someone does a cover it’s an awkward spot to be in. You have to be able to keep enough of the original piece’s integrity while adding something to it so that the song becomes a bit your own. Town Hall‘s take on Jimmy Eat World‘s “The Middle” seems more like the song should be. It’s a song about putting your life together. It takes some time, but everything will be all right. So this down to Earth number gets it down with more of a serious tone as a friend talking to you personally rather than someone trying to get you to come around in the middle of a loud party. And the chance to see the band performing and the facial movements as the duet sing show how emotionally packed this song really is.

And the Giraffe “Underground Love”

And the Giraffe‘s vidoe for “Underground Love” follows the journey of a box with a mysterious gift inside. Packaged, then left on a subway train, the package makes its way from person to person. Ultimately, it arrives at the feet of a young woman, who brings it back to the guy who wrapped it in the first place. He unwraps it, hands it back to her, and they embrace. Do we ever find out what is hidden in the box? I’m not telling.
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