Premiere: Water Street “Pen Pals” (Official Music Video)

Blairstown, New Jersey sextuplet Water Street released their debut LP All We Tried to Be in the Spring of 2022. Surviving the Golden Age is excited to premiere their follow up single, “Pen Pals.”

“‘Pen Pals’ is inspired by that awkward phase of getting to know someone and not being able to read clear signals,” says lead singer, Dave Paulson. “So much of dating today is happening on-line and through apps so texting and knowing what a person is thinking or feeling can be hard.”

The video, written and directed by Lena Halberstatd, shows the confusion of the “getting to know you” phase throughout different points of history. “Lena wanted to tell the story in a bunch of different ways, deciding that creating distinctly different time periods with the same main character, experiencing the different faces of relationships and breakups in each of those time frames was how we would tell that story,” said Paulson.

It makes for a fun and interesting visual compliment to an already catchy folk-tinged pop song.

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