Werepire Day: Redefiner EP

Werepire Day: Redefiner EP
Representing the Midwest of America, Werepire Day is led by Chris Golwitzer. Readers may recognize Chris from Hinter, First Grade Crush, Steven, and So Scientific. Accompanying Chris are Cody Holliday, Brian Foster, and Thomas “Atomic” Satterfield. Readers may also recognize Satterfield from Tina Sparkle, and Scouts Honor. Together, Werepire Day are an indie rock outfit that easily entertain.
Redefiner is their new EP. It opens with the title track “Redefiner” which is nothing more than a 30 second instrumental intro. It sounds like a classical piece normally played on a piano, but strummed nicely on a guitar. It then cuts into the next track.
“Ice Show America” is the first real introduction I’ve had to Werepire Day. I particularly like the guitar parts. As an entirety, the song sounds like it could be from Weezer‘s Blue Album. The melodies are pleasant and bring me back to those mid 90’s rock songs.
“Soy Sun Sway” kept reminding me of Joan Jett and the Blackhearts take on “Love is All Around”. Mostly it’s the guitars that have that playful, skip along feel to them. And “Awes K” sounds like a heavy metal song amped down. Turn the guitars up, speed up the tempo, and switch out Chris’ vocals for someone more angry and loud, and “Awes K” can appear on the next screamcore album. I much it prefer it this way.
Overall, Werepire Day show on Redefiner that they have a solid indie rock sound. They’re crisp, and their songs don’t come off as amateur. Redefiner was released August 9th. Get the album and you won’t be disappointed. Grab a free listen at their Facebook page and decide for yourselves.
Rating: 7.1/10
MP3: Werepire Day “Ice Show America”
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